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June 14-16, 2013


#1 - HISTORIC WALK - VERY EASY - SUNY POTSDAM CAMPUS - Potsdam - LEADER: Jane Subramanian. Depart 3:00 PM. No driving. Jane recently retired as archivist of SUNY Potsdam, and accordingly has in-depth knowledge of the campus and its history. This one and a half hour tour will highlight the architecture and history of the college, including some sports and outdoor-related tidbits.

#2 - FULL - HIKE - EASY - THE PINNACLE - Santa Clara - LEADER: Neal Burdick. Depart 1:30 PM. 40 minute drive one way. Round trip 1 mile. Modest elevation gain through mixed forest and glacial erratics to a rewarding view of the St. Regis River watershed. A good outing for seniors or families with young children.

#42 - HIKE - NEW - EASY - LAMPSON FALLS - Clare - LEADER: Carolyn Kaczka. Depart 1:30 PM. 35 minute drive one way. This DEC wheelchair accessible trail takes about 25 minutes to reach the falls. Lampson Falls, on the main branch of the Grass River, is St. Lawrence County's most popular waterfall. Estimated at 100 feet wide it drops about 50 vertical feet and is a delight to view in all seasons.

#44 - HIKE - NEW - EASY - HIGLEY FLOW TRAILS - South Colton - LEADER: Bill Mueller. Departs 1:30 PM. 15 miles south of Potsdam off SH 56. A leisurely walk through grand stands of pine, spruce, and wild forest, a beaver flow and past the new lodge for hikers’ use in this little-known gem of a state park with numerous camping spots. The park features Higley flow, an ancient cranberry bog on the Raquette River, enhanced by the power dam above Colton dating from the 1920’s. Possible swim at the beach.

#3 - FULL - HIKE - EASY - RED SANDSTONE TRAIL - Hannawa Falls - LEADER: John Omohundro. Depart 3:30 PM. 10 minute drive one way. Round trip approximately 2 miles. No significant elevation gain. Hike into history and scenery beside the Raquette River on a trail the chapter developed and maintains.

#4 - BUTTERFLY NATURE WALK - EASY - INDIAN CREEK NATURE CENTER - Canton - LEADER: Maureen Tuttle. Depart 1:30 PM. 30 minute drive one way. Plan to spend three hours walking, and observing and identifying butterfly species in this beautiful nature reserve featuring the meadows, wetlands, and mixed hardwoods characteristic of the St. Lawrence River valley. People are encouraged to dress for bugs!

#5 - FULL - PADDLE - EASY - RAQUETTE RIVER FROM POTSDAM TO HEWITTVILLE - Potsdam - LEADER: Blair Madore. Depart 1:00 PM. Paddle 1-3 hours. Easy downriver paddle starting at Potsdam’s Lehman Park, with two short carries. See wild areas, river camps and homes, two dams, great bird watching and interesting rock formations. Shuttle will be arranged.

#41 - PADDLE - FULL - EASY - RAQUETTE RIVER UPSTREAM FROM POTSDAM - Potsdam - LEADER: Dick Mooers. Departs 1:30 PM. Easy quiet-water paddle of 1 1/2 to 2 hours on the Raquette River within the Village of Potsdam. Launch and return at Ives Park. Interesting islands, wetlands, and remains of 19th Century log booms in this surprisingly wild area.


#6 - HISTORIC WALK - VERY EASY - POTSDAM SANDSTONE ARCHITECTURE - Potsdam - LEADER: Susan Omohundro. Depart 3:00 PM. Caravan to downtown Potsdam’s Civic Center. Begin at Potsdam Museum with a brief introduction to Potsdam sandstone and the structures we will see, with handout. Then walk a loop through downtown Potsdam to view several sandstone buildings built between 1821 and 1917 in a variety of styles. The event will take about 2 hours.

#7 - PLEIN AIR PAINTING - EASY - Paul Smith's Visitor Interpretative Center (VIC) - LEADER: Marianne Hebert. Depart 9:00 AM. 1 hour drive one way. Come explore the outdoors with your artistic eye. Plein air or "open air" painting is painting that captures the light and shadows of the day and moment. Bring your own oils, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, pencil, whatever you like. All levels of art experience welcome. We will paint and sketch in the morning. After lunch, there is an optional hike on the Heron Marsh trail (3.3 miles), or you can continue painting on your own. We will return to Potsdam in time for dinner.

#8 - HIKE - EASY - KIDS-ON-THE-TRAIL HIKE TO OWLS HEAD AND ALMANZO WILDER FARM MUSEUM - Malone - LEADERS: David Trithart and Rose Rivezzi. Depart 9:00 AM. 1 hour drive one way. David and Rose, who wrote "Kids on the Trail: Hiking with Children in the Adirondacks", will lead the group on a hike up to a cliff overlooking the Adirondack hamlet of Owls Head. Bring a lunch. An optional addition is to proceed to the nearby Almanzo Wilder farmstead museum in the afternoon. (Admission: Adults - $7.50, Seniors - $7.00, Children 6-16 - $4.00, under 6 - free. ) If possible, read "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of a series of popular books including "Little House on the Prairie"), who describes her husband's childhood on this farm and how he got his lifelong love of farming. Learn about the best and worst aspects of life in 19th century north country. The house where he grew up is beautifully restored, the farm buildings reconstructed as described by the famous author. Tour the farm and walk on down to the river and imagine Almanzo Wilder fishing and swimming there. Participants of any age are welcome.

#9 - CANCELLED - INTERPRETED HIKE - EASY - NEWTON FALLS MINE TAILINGS REFORESTATION - Newton Falls - LEADERS: Mike Bridgen (ESF-Ranger School) and Bill Mueller. Depart 9:30 AM. About 1 hour drive one way. Round trip 1 mile. Dr. Bridgen will guide us and explain the reforestation project on the iron mine tailings in Newton Falls, in which waste product from the paper mill is used to restore soil fertility.We will climb the massive tailings, wander upon the sea of sandy soil, and discover an innovative restoration that benefits environment and the local economy. (For background, see Neal Burdick's article “The Wasteland: Reclaiming an Adirondack Desert,” Adirondack Life, March-April 2009 p.16.)

#10 - FULL - HIKE - FAIRLY EASY - AZURE MT. - St. Regis Falls - LEADERS: Tom & Eileen Wheeler. Depart 8:00 AM. Less than an hour’s drive one-way. Round trip 2 miles. 944 feet elevation gain, 2 miles RT, 40 ft. restored fire tower on the peak. A relaxed hike with possible bird sightings on the way up for those interested. Up top: Panoramic view of the entire Adirondack plateau. Return to campus by 2 PM.

#11 - HIKE - MODERATE - RED SANDSTONE TRAIL - Hannawa Falls - LEADER: John Omohundro. Depart 9:30 AM. 10 minute drive one way, then spot cars. Round trip 5 miles. No significant elevation gain. Pace-Easy. Footing uneven. Loop hike of Sugar Island, then follow the Raquette River upstream to sandstone quarry. Hike into history and scenery beside the Raquette on a trail the chapter developed and maintains.

#12 - HIKE - MODERATE - CHURCH POND BUSHWACK - South Colton - LEADER: Tom Vandewater. Depart 9:00 AM. 45 minute drive one way. Round trip 4 miles. Off-trail hiking on rugged, sometimes wet and muddy, ground. We will explore a beautiful secluded pond with some old growth forest just off State Highway 56. We’ll identify trees, rock, and wildlife in the headwaters of the north branch of the Grasse River.

#13 - FULL - HIKE - MODERATE - CIRCUIT OF THREE PONDS IN WOLF LAKE STATE FOREST - Edwards - LEADER: Dick Mooers. Depart 8:00 AM. 45 minute drive one way. Huckleberry, Moon and Wolf Lakes are small, lovely rock-girt ponds typical of the Frontenac Axis of the Laurentian Shield. The hike is 7.8 miles long if all three ponds are visited, or 6.6 miles if Wolf Lake is skipped. Elevation gain is nil, but rough footing and June wetness make the hike worthy of good hiking boots. Bugs likely! Bring lunch. Leader is a NE 111er, and this is one of his favourite hikes.

#14 - HIKE - MODERATE - LOON LAKE MT. - Loon Lake - LEADER: Brian Baston. Depart 7:30 AM. 1 1/2 hours drive one way. Round trip 6 miles, 1700 ft elevation gain. This route is fairly new, having become available to the public under a conservation easement only a couple of years ago. Summit views. The first part is easy with a final scramble up the hill. There is a fire tower at the summit, not officially restored but may be accessible for climbing.

#15 - HIKE - STONE VALLEY - MODERATE - Colton - LEADER: Tom Ortmeyer. Depart 9:00 AM. 15 minute drive one way. Round trip 7.5 miles with 350 foot elevation gain. The Raquette River descends from the Adirondack Plateau through a narrow gorge. This hike will start at the Brown's Bridge power house and go up the west side of Stone Valley past the Tub, the Narrows, and the Tannery Ruins. At Colton, we'll cross over the river above the dam, and return via the east side of the river, passing through Cathedral Grove. The Laurentian Chapter is the lead maintainer of these trails.

#16 - HIKE - STRENUOUS - CHAIR ROCK FLOW TO GRASS POND MT - Cranberry Lake - LEADER: Jamie Savage. Depart 8:00 AM. 60 minute drive to boat launch on Cranberry Lake. Round trip 10 miles. Boat access to and from trailhead at Chair Rock flow will be provided. Follow remote Fishpole Pond Trail and then bushwhack to the summit avoiding the cliffs. Bob Marshall rated it #1 for scenic view: “The view was superb, the entire length of Bog River could be seen from Grass Pond to Hitchings.” Elevation gain about 700'. Be prepared for bugs. Limit 9.

#17 - PADDLE/HIKE AT MASSAWEPIE LAKE - EASY - Gale - LEADERS: Ann & Armond Spencer. Depart 8:30 AM. 1 hour drive one way. Paddle the shoreline of this lake (approx. 7 miles) with a short (about 1.5 or 2 mile) hike on a fairly easy trail. Be sure to bring PFD, bug dope, and lunch.

#18 - PADDLE - EASY - MEACHAM LAKE TO OSGOOD RIVER - Santa Clara - LEADER: Toni Towle and Peter Blood (substituting for Duncan Cutter). Depart 8:00 AM. 1 hour drive one way. Good parking and an easy launch. Paddle up the outlet and across the southern end of Meacham Lake, admiring Debar Mountain's profile across the lake - optional continuation up the Osgood River to the first esker, then back to the beach for lunch - home via the historic Red Tavern Road and Everton Falls - could include a quick stop to view the falls at the St.Regis Falls campsite - back to Potsdam by mid to late afternoon.

#19 - PADDLE - MODERATE - SARANAC RIVER - Saranac Lake - LEADERS: Gene and Carolyn Kaczka. Depart 8:00 AM. 1 1/2 hours drive one way. Paddle Second Pond, Saranac River through the lower locks to Oseetah Lake to Kiawassa Lake and back. Plan on 4 plus hours of paddling with a lunch stop on Kiawassa Lake. Wildlife sightings are common. Using the locks is a unique paddling experience.

#20 - CYCLE - STRENUOUS - Parishville - LEADER: Ron Johnson. Depart 8:30 AM. 20 minute drive one-way to starting point in Parishville. This is a 38 mile loop on scenic, back-country roads of the NW Adirondack foothills and plateau. Part of the route follows an attractive sequence of Raquette River reservoirs, interspersed between fast-moving rapids as the river descends toward Potsdam and the St. Lawrence. The route is fairly hilly with the up hill portion the first half of the ride, the second half being more downhill.

#21 - CANCELLED - CYCLE - STRENUOUS - MOUNTAIN BIKE DOWNERVILLE STATE FOREST - Russell - LEADER: Jim Akins. Depart 9:00 AM. 45 minute drive one way. 4 hour trip. For experienced MTB riders. A new MB Trail in the Grasse River watershed, a joint project of the DEC and the St Lawrence County Mountain Bike Association. Attractive trails, sometimes-steep terrain, spectacular Harper Falls.


#22 - CANCELLED - KIDS TREASURE HUNT HIKE - EASY - Red Sandstone Trail - Hannawa Falls - LEADER: Blair Madore. Depart 9:00 AM. 10 minute drive one way. 3 mile walk on level ground with hot dog and marshmallow cook out at midway point along the trail (all food provided). A little known band of Pirates from the Caribbean lost their gold along this trail. Learn the legend and look for their treasure.

#23 - NATURE WALK - EASY - INDIAN CREEK NATURE CENTER - Canton - LEADERS: Eileen Wheeler & Ann Spencer. Depart 8:00 AM. 40 minute drive one way. We will spend three hours at the Nature Center with an emphasis on birds. People should bring binoculars and dress for bugs!

#24 - FULL - HIKE - EASY - THE CLARKSON WOODS - Potsdam - LEADER: Dick Mooers. Depart 9:00 AM. Two mile walk through a forest gem within the Potsdam village limits with optional shorter distance. Enjoy the peaceful climax forest of American beech, yellow birch, maple and eastern hemlock trees that includes a short side trip to a beaver pond that has been a Great Blue Heron rookery for many years. With likely spring flower and bird sightings, this will be mainly a quiet stroll through a cathedral of trees to provide a little exercise before you drive home or if you just don’t feel like a bigger hike this day. Wet footing is possible in a few places.

#25 - FULL - HIKE - EASY - TOOLEY POND MT. AND WATERFALLS ALONG THE OLD STAGE ROAD - Degrasse - LEADER: Mark Lowell. Depart 9:00 AM. 40 minute drive one way. At Degrasse we meet the Tooley Pond Rd., a 19th century stagecoach route that once was a vital link between the now disappeared hamlets of Clifton, Clarksboro and Newbridge, sites of mining and lumbering activities. On certain days and if the atmosphere is just right, it is said that hikers can hear the distant and ghostly voices of men and women who labored in the wilderness, the waterfalls of the area providing power for the engines of their ingenuity. For this is a place where numerous waterfalls of the Grasse River cascade down the Adirondack plateau, all easily accessed from the road. We will make short hikes to several of them. Top this unique hiking experience with an easy and relaxing hike up Tooley Pond Mt. (1780'), with panoramic view of forest and Pond below.

#26 - FULL - HIKE - FAIRLY EASY - DOWNERVILLE STATE FOREST TO HARPER FALLS - Russell - LEADER: Marsha Akins. Depart 9:00 AM. 45 minute drive one way. Round trip 4 miles; an additional loop adds about 1/2 mile. Trail follows the beautiful Grasse river to falls that must negotiate an unusual and difficult pitch over uplifted rock masses.

#27 - FULL - HIKE - FAIRLY EASY - LILYPAD POND - Parishville - LEADER: Tom Ortmeyer; Depart 8:30 AM. 30 minute drive one way. Round trip approximately 4 miles. 200 foot elevation gain. We'll hike into Lilypad Pond from the south via the Goldmine Road. Lilypad is a scenic mountain pond in the White Hill Wild Forest.

#28 - HIKE - MODERATE - ST. REGIS MT. - Paul Smiths - LEADER: Dana Chudzinski. Depart 8:00 AM. 1 hour+ drive south from Potsdam. Round trip is 6.8 mile with 1265 ft elevation gain. St. Regis is a “fire tower challenge” mountain with views over the St. Regis canoe area and Paul Smiths College. From the summit one can see parts of St. Lawrence County where our chapter is based, and also many High Peaks of the Adirondacks.

#43 - HIKE - NEW - MODERATE/STRENUOUS - LYON MOUNTAIN - Lyon Mountain - LEADER: Marianne Hebert. Depart 8:30am. 1.5 hour drive one way. Need a peak to complete your fire-tower challenge? A new 6.4 mile (RT) trail sports 11 switchbacks which make for an easier grade and a more pleasant climb. The trail has an elevation gain of 1900 feet and at 3,820 feet, the summit is just short of qualifying for a “high peak”. There is a 360 degree view from the fire tower, with great views of Lake Champlain, Vermont and Montreal. A little known side trail on the summit leads to an overlook with views of the southern Adirondacks.

#29 - FULL - PADDLE - FAIRLY EASY - CHURCH POND TO JONES POND - Paul Smiths - LEADER: Janet Wakefield. Depart 8:30 AM. Hour drive to put-in. 3-4 mile paddle. In the St. Regis canoe area, we will paddle up lovely little passageways from Church Pond -- where the laurel should be in bloom -- through the Osgood Ponds and up Jones Pond outlet. On the short passages between the ponds, experience a meditative silence, letting the peace and beauty of the place fill our spirits. Lunch at first campsite on Jones Pond. We may have to negotiate a beaver dam on the outlet but also a possibility of seeing an eagle there. After lunch, optional exploration of Jones Pond, or proceed directly to take out where we will have shuttled our cars. Bring bug protection.

#30 - CYCLE - MODERATE - Rensselaer Falls - LEADER: Marilyn Levitan. Depart 8:30 AM. 30-40 minute drive to start point. Rural cycle ramble of the “Amish Loop”, gently rolling terrain on little-visited and scenic back-country roads with surprises around every corner. About 25 miles.