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October, 2005

Ann Spencer, 315-379-1383

The Executive Committee has approved some revisions to the Charter (Bylaws). Most of the changes are editorial changes in wording and structure to clarify issues, remove duplication, redundancies and conflicts, and to have the document conform to standard usage. There are six substantive changes:

  1. That the name of the document be changed from Charter to Bylaws,
  2. That the appointive position of Membership Coordinator be deleted and an elective position of Vice-Chair Membership be created, and that the Vice-Chair Membership serve on the Executive Committee,
  3. That the positions of Trails Coordinator(s) and Webmaster be added as appointive positions,
  4. That the various Vice-Chairs have serving as liaison to the Club added to their responsibilities,
  5. That appointments to appointive positions be made by the Chapter Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee, not by the Executive committee, and
  6. That the Chapter Chair appoint a Bylaws Review Committee every five years.

The revisions will be voted on at the Annual Meeting November 6. This notice constitutes notice to the membership of the proposed changes. The current Charter, with the approved changes, will be available on the Chapter Website. Anyone wishing a hard copy should contact me.

Bylaws Committee Archive

Oct 1, 2005