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Chair's Report July - September 2005

Ron Johnson

Our chapter has 285 households.  31% of the dues you pay to ADK comes back to our chapter for our use.  That amounts to about $4200 per year.

Of the 285 households there is only a handful that can be thought of as active members.  For me and the rest of the executive committee, there is always the issue of how we can get the “silent majority” involved in the chapter and what is it they would like from the chapter.

So I thought I would devote my column this time to asking some questions and appealing to you for some responses.

As you are reading this in the North Wind, let me start there.  This is one of the major expenditures of the chapter.  Here are my questions:  Do you read it?  What do you like about it, what are your dislikes, how could we improve it?  These same questions apply to our website.

The frequency of the publishing of the North Wind revolves around the quarterly outings schedule.  For those of you, who don’t participate in the outings, let me ask these questions:  Why don’t you, and what kind of trips would you participate in if they were offered?  For those of you who have participated, I would like your feedback on your experience.  Also, if you are not already being asked, would you be interested in leading a trip?

Beyond our outings, the chapter is involved in education and conservation efforts.  What activities would you like to see the chapter be involved in these two areas?

Not all of the dues that the chapter receives are used for the day-to-day operation of the chapter.  This leaves us with discretionary money to spend.  Some of this we give back to ADK for their use and some we donate locally.  How would you like to see us use these funds?

Would you be interested in helping with outings, conservation, education, membership, the North Wind, the website, trails, publicity, or hospitality?

Please send you comments to me.  You can do so by e-mail at (please include the words “member input” as the subject), by regular mail at 628 CR 42, Massena, NY 13662 or by phone at (315) 769 – 8241.