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Chair's Report

July, 2008

Chair: Tom Ortmeyer

The Laurentian Chapter is an active part of the Adirondack Mountain Club, as evidenced by our outings, potlucks, Indoor-Outdoor series, educational activities supporting youth in camps and trail maintenance, trail development, and conservation activities. Many readers may not be aware of Laurentian Chapter members’ impact on the programs and activities of the club. In 2008, the following Laurentian Chapter members are serving on ADK Committees:

David Trithart, Director
Neal Burdick, Conservation Committee (Mailings Only), Adirondac Editor-in-Chief
John Green, Education Committee
Joan Kepes, Education Committee
Betty Peckham, Heart Lake Property Committee, Outings Committee
Carolyn Kaczka, Membership Committee, Outings Committee Evaluation Coordinator, Trails Committee
Betty Peckham, Outings Committee
James Bullard, Publications Committee
Gene Kaczka, Trails Committee
Thomas Wheeler, Strategic Planning Team, Past President

We also have several affiliate members of the chapter who serve on club committees. These Laurentian Chapter members are important to the functioning of the club-- if you get a chance, please let them know you appreciate their efforts. I hope I haven't missed anyone-- if I did, please let me know.
Another important function of the chapter is to recognize outstanding members of our own chapter. The Laurentian Chapter Executive Committee will entertain nominations for the chapter's outstanding volunteer award at its August 21 meeting. Please send nominations or suggestions to me.