Chair Archive


Jan 1, 2018

John Barron

It is an honor to have been asked to serve another term as chair of the Laurentian Chapter. We are a small chapter in the ADK’s scheme of things, and yet we manage to accomplish great things including vigorous local and Club-level trail maintenance, diverse and broadly based education support, and an active outings program. For many, the ongoing benefit of belonging to the ADK and the chapter is the outings. I hope we can make the outings program even more vibrant than it is now, which will mean trying to entice more people to come as participants, and more leaders who can run new kinds of trips.

We’re grateful to Tom Wheeler for four years of thoughtful and forward-looking leadership. We have a first class executive committee, and top people in the appointive positions as well. It is inspiring to watch the process by which the chapter continues to improve. If things are working well, we try to expand and do more of them. If they’re working less well, we think of and try alternatives until something does begin to work. I don’t think we planned it as such, but we demonstrate a philosophy