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Apr 1, 2019

John Barron

Many ADK chapters are in the process of updating how they distribute their newsletters. Printed copies sent by mail are the traditional approach and are still preferred by many readers. Electronic copies delivered by E-Mail can save the costs of printing and postage as well as a great deal of volunteer effort in mailing In addition an electronic version can be in color and tends to look good. Our plan is to begin producing the North Wind in electronic form and distributing it to members for whom we have E-Mail addresses. The print version will continue to be sent as before, and we’ll offer members the option of voluntarily requesting to discontinue their print version. We hope people will respond favorably.

ADK Headquarters has inaugurated a series of monthly online meetings among all chapters, with the aim of increasing Club membership. They are held using a program called Slack, which leads to a different kind of experience than a live meeting. The first meeting produced close to a dozen ideas for topics that might improve membership. Now a one hour meeting will be devoted to one of them each month for the rest of the year. There is a proposal to follow each of these meetings with another one hour meeting related to functional areas in the chapters.

Our Spring pot luck party is set for April 14 at Potsdam Presbyterian Church. Our guest speaker will be Joan Collins, who many will remember as a member and leader in the Laurentian Chapter and, above all, a renowned birder. Joan’s topic is “All About Birds”, and we hope there’ll be a good turnout to see Joan and enjoy the talk. Details are in the Outings schedule.

We’ve had some of the best winter weather and ground conditions for skiing and snowshoeing in the region in years, and there have been plenty of enjoyable outings.