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July 1, 2019

John Barron

We’ve been laying groundwork to enable electronic distribution of the North Wind. Thanks are due to David Katz, who has adapted our E-Letter mechanism to this new purpose. We plan to begin sending an electronic copy to all chapter members for whom we have e-mail addressees. We’re going to offer members the option to decline a paper copy as a way to save postage, paper, environmental impact, and manual effort. It might take an issue or two to get it running smoothly but our hope is that before too long we can phase out most of our paper mailing. We don’t plan to discontinue anyone’s paper copy except upon their request.

We said farewell this season to Maureen Taylor upon her retirement from SUNY Potsdam Student Government Association. Maureen was the founding Education Affiliate Representative of our Educational Affiliate Program at the College. The EAP would not have come about without Maureen’s support. Over the years many students have benefited both directly and indirectly by her guidance. Maureen will be missed. Happily she has been able to turn the program over to a successor, Cindy Aumell, whom we welcome.

In May I experienced the novelty of participating on two trips with another chapter: both with Onondaga Chapter and both led by Jerry Smith. I learned about them from the all-Club calendar, which is maintained on the Club’s web site, and lists most of the outings with all chapters. This calendar is a major resource. In this case for example a relatively far-away chapter was coming up to my region and I could join the trips with very little driving. Another reason might be to go to a particular destination that our chapter seldom or never visits. The all-Club calendar can be reached from a link under “Coming Events” on the home page of our own chapter’s web site,

Two all-Club outings take place this season: Ididaride!, the challenging cycling event for both road cyclists and mountain bikers, is on July 27. Fall Outing takes place in Harriman State Park from September 6-8. Both are also listed on our own summer schedule.