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Apr 1, 2020

David Katz

The coronavirus is causing cancellation of events, limits on meeting size, and closure of all kinds of public places. It is, of course, affecting ADK, the chapters, and our members, just as it is affecting everyone and everything else. Because of the concern about unnecessary gatherings, we have canceled the Laurentian Chapter’s spring potluck, originally planned for mid-April. If conditions improve, perhaps we will try for a summer picnic instead.

The Laurentian Chapter has decided not to cancel its spring outings yet. Being outdoors together is probably the least infectious way of doing things with other people, as long as decent hygiene is practiced. If everyone practices social distancing as much as we are advised, we are all going to be suffering cabin fever in a few weeks, so having a relatively safe way to be around other people may be welcome.

At the time of this writing, our next scheduled outing is still a month away. No doubt much will change in the next few weeks, and a better understanding of the effects of the virus may clarify the wisdom of continuing with our schedule. If it becomes prudent (or of course if it is mandated), we will adjust or cancel the schedule.