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October, 2010

Vice-Chair, Conservation: Peter O'Shea, 315-848-2178

Adirondack Club and Resort (Tupper Lake) is now before the APA with all questions posed by the APA staff presumably answered. The developer has made only minor cosmetic changes to the original proposal. The Resort still calls for 651 building units with even more Great Camp lots than originally proposed, with a correspondingly greater impact on forest fragmentation. The developer is still requesting a loan from the taxpayers (through the County IDA) to support much of the infrastructure of the project. This ill-conceived project could set the precedent for future massive development in the Adirondack Park. Environmental groups and concerned individuals will have to become actively involved here!

Finch-Pruyn and Follensby Pond The Adirondack Nature Conservancy (ANC) is still holding these vital jewels of landscape at great personal expense for ultimate transfer to the Forest Preserve. Unfortunately, some local politicians at the behest of foes of the Park are waging a strenuous effort to prevent this from happening. The assistance of supporters of the Adirondack Park could play a crucial part in this regard! Meanwhile, a contract has been signed by the ANC and the state for a conservation easement on portions of the Finch-Pruyn tract. The State Controller determined that the State had actually underpaid the ANC in the amount of 3 million dollars here.

Moose River Plains Wild Forest UMP DEC has proposed transferring approximately 15,000 acres from the Wild Forest to the West Canada Lakes Wilderness in exchange for the establishment of a long-distance connector snowmobile route and more intensive use camping facilities. Local politicians want the snowmobile route and the camping facilities but are lobbying the state to prevent any further wilderness being established.

Future Threats Environmental groups must pull together to counter coming threats to the Adirondack Park, beginning with proposals now surfacing for a constitutional convention. Opponents will seek to utilize any convention to severely diminish any protection of the Park! The Adirondack Park it appears is entering a period when increased activism will once again will have to be the order of the day.