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January, 2011

Vice-Chair, Conservation: Peter O'Shea, 315-848-2178

  1. The Adirondack Club and Resort This ill-conceived massive resort and second home development project which has the potential to set the precedent for development in the Adirondacks for the future is scheduled to go to hearings next year. The developer had made a motion to rush it through and begin starting the proceedings in December but a ruling by the DEC Administrative Judge on November 16th rebuffed this motion and the earliest the hearings will be convened now is February. The environmental groups are now in the process of securing expert witnesses for testimony during the proceedings. The outcome of these proceedings will be important to the future of the Adirondack Park.

  2. The firing of DEC Commissioner Peter Grannis in October sent shock waves through the environmental community. Grannis during his tenure was a staunch advocate for the environment and the Adirondack Park. Many environmentalists feel the real reason for hos removal was that he was basically considered too green for certain elements in this State administration. We can only hope for better from the incoming administration.

  3. Adirondack Nature Conservancy - Finch Pruyn and Follensby Project The ANC has raised approximately 20 mil out of a goal of 35 mil towards maintainance costs connected with the above all important projects. It is expected that a Conservation Easement on approximately 92,000 acres will be in place by the end of this year. The ANC has pledged to hold the balance of the lands as long as possible until NYS can purchase them. The lands being held inliclude the crown jewels including OK Slip Falls, Blue Ledges, Follensby Pond, and the Essex Chain of Lakes among others. Our support may be needed here in the future.

  4. Moose DEC now estimates that there are upwards of 800 moose in the state with approximately 90% of them living in the Adirondack Park.