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January, 2013

Outgoing Vice-Chair, Conservation: Peter O'Shea, 315-848-2178

I apologize for the brevity of this, my last report as VP for Conservation, as I spent most of October and November visiting family in California. It has been my pleasure to serve for the past four years and I avidly await reading the reports of my friend and successor, John Omohundro.

  1. Former Finch Pruyn lands - A 39,000 acre Wilderness Area has been proposed on these lands by Protect the Adirondacks. This includes approximately 20 miles of Hudson river frontage.
  2. The Protect the Adirondacks lawsuit on the Adirondack Club and Resort decision advances with the recent filing of a “Freedom of Information” petition.
  3. There is unanimous agreement among environmental groups that draconian changes to APA regulations will have to be made to prevent recurrences of the massive development recently approved near Tupper Lake. More stringent protection of Resource Management lands and an environmental monitor sitting in on APA board discussions are two much needed reforms that barely scratch the surface here. The efforts of all conservation groups and environmentally minded individuals will be crucial to ensure that these initiatives come to fruition!