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Conservation Report

October, 2013

Vice-Chair, Conservation: John Omohundro, 315-265-8365

Work on the Red Sandstone Trail this May resulted in improved stairways around the gulch on the shores of peaceful Sugar Island Flow, thanks to the efforts of Armond Spencer, Ron Johnson, and Jim Murray.

A much bigger trail project is the bicycle trail at O’Malley Brook, on county land opposite the Colton transfer station and near the Stone Valley Trail. Chapter members Ben Yandeau and Phil Bridgeman have been convening ADK and county mountain bike club members weekly to clear a new trail of over two miles. This will also be good for walking and skiing. We hope to hold a grand opening in October.

The Stone Valley partners (property owners and land stewards, including ADK) have met throughout the summer to develop a written agreement about what the Stone Valley Cooperative Recreation Area should be, how it should be cared for, how users and caretakers are to behave, what efforts are needed to preserve it, and what issues remain to be settled. This agreement will be published this fall and revisited regularly. Mark Simon and I have represented ADK.

The Raquette River Advisory Council, RRAC, which advises Brookfield Renewable Energy about recreational and environmental issues on the lands and water of the Raquette from Piercefield to the St. Lawrence (and on which I sit as your rep), will be taking up invasive species as a problem this fall. We hope to fund an inventory of invasive plants along the river.