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October, 2014

Vice-Chair, Conservation: John Omohundro, 315-265-8365

Invasive Species bill passes - The Aquatic Invasive Species Spread Prevention Bill passed both the Assembly and Senate and has gone to the governor for signature. Since he declared invasive species week in July, I expect him to have signed it by the time you read this. The law will require boaters before launching to clean their boats and related gear. This law applies to us paddlers as well as motor boaters. Preventing the spread of invasives is extremely difficult but confronting the aquatic invasives offers the best chances.

Oil transport in the park - ADK has joined with other environmental organizations to explore further the risks of transporting large quantities of Bakken field crude oil along the Lake Champlain. This route carries the oil through the park in a few places. While the transport companies haven’t publicized it yet, there is a rumor that they will also be carrying tar sands oil from Alberta. One of the problems has been that the cars carrying toxics like oil were relatively easy to damage and spill or start fires. These cars are being phased out. Developments on these fronts are being watched closely.

Trail News - The Red Sandstone Trail is pleased to be working with Eagle Scout candidate Lucas Hanss, who proposes to design and install a new boat landing structure on the north tip of Sugar Island by Columbus Day this year. Mark Simon and I have been working with the Stone Valley Cooperative Recreation Area partners to locate new interpretive, navigational, and safety signage, to be paid for by a state development grant.

Staying connected - While coverage of Adirondack Park issues has greatly expanded since NCPR established its Adirondack Bureau under Brian Mann, two other excellent ways for chapter members to keep up with events are online. ADK publishes an e-newsletter; ask to subscribe at The Adirondack Almanack’s daily newsletter has also become a vital source of information of all kinds: history, current events, profiles, breaking news, weather advisories, etc. etc. To subscribe, go to

Representative sought - The chapter has been invited to send a representative to the monthly meetings of the county trails committee, which plans motor, horse, foot and other trails. Tom Ortmeyer served well as chapter rep for several years and can explain the issues and the duties. If you are interested, contact me (, 315-265-8365) and I’ll arrange a meeting with Tom O.