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Conservation Report

July, 2015

Vice-Chair, Conservation: John Omohundro, 315-265-8365

Whitewater development plans in Colton The Town of Colton has received a grant to improve parking, signage, access, gates, and to build an overlook at the southeast entry to Stone Valley trail. These facilities are partly for whitewater boaters but have use to all visitors. Because I deemed the impact of these changes to be minimal for the hikers’ experience, I supported conceptual approval when it came before the Raquette River Advisory Council (RRAC) in May. The project has been frustratingly difficult to execute, given t he many approvals required.

Aquatic Invasive Species on the Raquette River Partly because ADK has taken on invasives as a major project and partly because we can see for ourselves their advance into our region, I have helped initiate two projects to confront invasives. First, I’m on a RRAC subcommittee to lobby the state to site well the boat cleaning stations on roads approaching the Raquette. Second, I’m working with SUNY Potsdam, ADK, and Adirondack Nature Conservancy to apply for a grant to survey the Raquette for aquatic i nvasive species.

Improving Recreation on Easements in SLC I met in April with Senior Forester Pat Whalen at the local NYSDEC substation to discuss mutual interests for recreation on easements in our area. One likelihood would be a trail on the west shore of the Raquette connecting Moody with Jamestown Falls. If you are interested in reading my notes of our discussion, which includes our mutual “wish list” of recreational developments - some of which could happen if a chapter member takes the lead! - I’ll send them to you.