Conservation Archive


July 1, 2016

John Omohundro

Identifying key state forest parcels in SLC - ADK has asked us in St. Lawrence County to identify which of the 71 state forest parcels outside the Blue Line mean the most to hikers, skiers, birders, and such recreationists that make up our membership. We’ve been polling some active users, and report here briefly on our findings. You may wish to contribute your opinion: email me or ask for maps to review. So far, it appears that the most popular parcels are: Brasher, Southville, Downerville, DeGrasse, Greenwood Creek, Trout Lake, Yellow Lake, High Flats, South Hammond, the Grass River Conservation easements, Seveys Conservation easements, Snow Bowl, Whippoorwill Corners, and Wolf Lake.

The transition for Trail Coordinator - This July I reach a milestone birthday (no, not 21) and will retire as coordinator of the Red Sandstone Trail. I’m pleased to announce that Blair Madore has stepped up to coordinate the trail. Blair has both the technical and leadership skills to maintain and even improve the trail. I will be pleased to serve as one of his minions. You will be too.

AIS steward on Raquette River - At our request, the Adirondack Watershed Institute of Paul Smiths College dedicated funds this summer to hire, train, and supervise a steward along the Raquette in the Blake Flow area to chat with boaters and watch for invasive plants. There will also be a boat-cleaning station at the Rt 56 pull-out near the bridge in the hamlet of Colton.