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Director's Report      July - Sept. 2005

Sandra Hildreth

There is not a great deal of news to report in the lull between ADK Board of Director’s meetings. In the interim report recently received, the financial picture is not the best, as revenue so far in 2005 has been below what was predicted, even though the Board approved a very conservative budget. Some of the most important things members can do, to insure the continued health of the Club, are to be active participants and recruit new members. It seems to me that many of the Laurentian Chapter members are long-term, dedicated ADKers – which is great. We believe in the mission and support the activities of the Club. But have you brought any new, younger people to any chapter outings or events?  Don’t be offended, but the same “old” faces seem to show up at most chapter activities. If you don’t want your dues to radically increase, or Club services and events to decline, then we need to pull in more members from the younger generation! Remember, the chapter has a supply of $10 off coupons for new members – contact Chapter Chair, Ron Johnson and give some away.

Have you attended any DEC or APA public hearings? There have recently been several on topics like the Draft Snowmobile Plan, ATV’s, Unit Management Plans, and Land Classification. If you have been at one, then you know that you were highly out-numbered. I just attended a public hearing in Saranac Lake on the classification of recently acquired state land in the Santa Clara and Raquette-Boreal Forest Tracts. I did not come prepared to speak, because I did not feel fully informed about the various proposals, but I was also a little intimidated. Only one person, representing the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks, spoke in support of some of the APA proposals. All of the other speakers were dead opposed to anything that hinted at restricting their rights to participate in motorized recreational activities. There was even one speaker who suggested it was time to think about changing Article 14 of the Constitution (the “forever wild” clause). We need to attend more of these kinds of meetings – letter writing helps, but it’s not enough. We need to be there! So watch your local papers, get some friends to join you, and at least have a presence at these public hearings. For more information on the 2005 State Land Classifications, visit the APA web site: