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Director's Report

January, 2006

Sandra Hildreth

This is my last report as the Director for the Laurentian Chapter – I’ve enjoyed the time I spent representing your interests. However, I will now probably become more involved with the North Woods Chapter, since my move to Saranac Lake.

I attended my final Board of Director’s meeting in Lake George on Sat. Dec. 3 – and it was also the last meeting that Tom Wheeler presided over as President of ADK. The board members gave him a standing ovation for his fine leadership over the past 3 years and the chapter should be very proud of him. I would not be exaggerating to say Tom saved the Club from financial disaster. ADK is now in a much healthier financial situation.

So here’s all the good news: there has been a major reduction in debt; a line of credit has been set up so that the Club will not have to defer any payments of dues to chapters; insurance coverage has been renewed with a savings of $10,000; the DEC has sent payment for trail work (two months earlier than prior years); membership trends have reversed a previous decline and we have a net increase of nearly 500 more member households than at the end of 2004; and thanks to outstanding support from ADK chapters and individual donors, development targets for the year are within reach – and though we might finish the year with a shortfall, it is not of major concern.

The Board approved a 2006 budget that is very conservative, based not on wishful thinking but upon past results. Management has operated in a fiscally responsible manner throughout 2005 and will delay filling some staff vacancies. ADK will end the year below budgeted expenses.

It is very important that all ADK members understand that membership dues and income from sales provide the fiscal foundation for ADK programs and services. But donated funding provides resources for those specific programs and services that you care about most. Please be generous in your year-end giving.

In other news, the board passed a resolution that opposes amending the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan relative to fire towers in Wilderness, Primitive, and Canoe Areas. While I personally feel very strongly about saving the Hurricane and St. Regis fire towers, I also feel very strongly about not setting any precedents in terms of making exceptions and redefining APA land classifications and so I supported this resolution.

The Heart Lake property finished the year in a positive manner and the upstairs bunkroom is no longer a bunkroom but a loft, with single beds divided by low walls. Take advantage of your member discount and go enjoy a mid-week stay at the Loj some time this winter – get in some skiing or snowshoeing.

The Outings Committee had an outstanding year in 2005 and generated significant funds for ADK. Consider participating in Winter Outing, sponsored by our neighboring Black River Chapter and experience skiing on Tug Hill – Jan. 27-29. Visit the ADK web site