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(Alternate) Director's Report

Meeting of March 11, 2006

Armond Spencer

  1. The Club has received two grants already this year. One for $100,000 from an anonymous donor and one for $19,000 from International Paper.
  2. The financial status of the club is about as expected. Because of some donations, the Club finished fiscal 2005 in the black.
  3. Lorraine DeSimone has rejoined ADK staff, and will be working to assist Chapters with new member initiatives, and Matt McNamara has been hired as Trails Coordinator.
  4. Membership is up 3.4% over 2004 we now have 16,989 households.
  5. We were told not to sign an insurance document with Niagara Mohawk (or whatever it is now) relative to liability suits that might result from trail maintenance projects.
  6. Negotiations continue between ADK and DEC relative to a new Visitor’s Center to be built by the state on ADK property. Much discussion ensued relative to parking and showers.
  7. A resolution supporting a Constructional Amendment to allow a new power transmission line to pass thru the Forest Preserve along Route 56 was approved.
  8. A resolution supporting the merger of the ADK Knickerbocker and New York Chapters was approved.