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Director's Report

Meeting of March 15, 2008

David Trithart

At Board of Directors meeting on March 15, the financial situation of the club was a major focus. The year 2007 ended with a budget surplus, the fifth in a row. Next year’s budget has a planned deficit– to invest in staff and program building that should result in revenue growth, which we have not been seeing in recent years.

Nonprofit organizations such as ADK are coming under more intense scrutiny by auditors and by charity-rating organizations. The club has done much to tighten up financial record-keeping, but one area remains of some concern. The expenditure line for funds distributed to chapters, about $180,000 in 2007, represents spending that the club cannot describe in detail to these outside agencies. Chapters report their financial activities to the club in a variety of ways, often very briefly. The club will be looking at ways to assist chapters with making more standard financial reports, and with knowing what kinds of spending may be problematic for the club as a whole. A May 3 workshop is planned that will look into this, as well as other matters of interest to chapter leaders.

Negotiations are continuing with DEC about the planned Visitor Service Facility on the Heart Lake property. ADK has prepared a “memorandum of understanding” that details our view of its purpose and the separation of responsibilities between ADK and DEC. Recent changes in the administration of state government are not expected to derail of delay the progress on this effort.

ADK undertook what they called the Forest Preserve Project to envision what the Adirondack and Catskill forest preserves should become. The product of that close look has been used to advise the state about high priority land acquisitions and easements. Recent months have seen the results in a number of splendid additions to public lands– notable in the southern high peaks area and the Essex Chain of lakes.

Volunteers have again accomplished needed repairs on properties at JBL, Heart Lake and the Lake George headquarters, contributing many thousands of dollars’ worth of services to the club. Of special note: A group of park managers from China will be in the U.S. to visit some of the premier national parks, including a stay at Heart Lake on May 15-17.

We were again exhorted to visit the new and continually improving ADK website. The plan is to communicate more electronically, and Deb Zack, Director of Membership and Development, will be using electronic channels for more chapter communication.

A new chapter is being formed in the Binghamton area. A new committee – the Audit Committee – was formed, and it is now looking for members, who will meet twice a year.