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Director's Report

Meeting of June 21, 2008

David Trithart

We learned at the Board of Directors Meeting on June 21 that there have been many improvements at the Loj and JBL—the results of much volunteer labor. Several Elderhostel events have stayed at the Loj since these improvements made it more attractive. Memberships are up, and revenues from lodging and food have increased. A new edition of the Eastern region guidebook is out. The Nature Museum at Heart Lake has a volunteer naturalist again this summer. The good results from the recent new member drive need to be followed up by chapters contacting the newcomers.

“A Wilderness Affair” will be held on Nov. 1 in Albany. Look for details in Adirondac. An effort is being made to get more standardized financial reports from chapters. Chapter treasurers will be contacted. This will be very helpful in getting good evaluations from non-profit reviewing organizations.
We have received a formal request from the ADK 46rs to support the renaming of two peaks; but not in time to have it as an action item on the agenda. Our chapter heard a presentation in favor of this change at a recent meeting. Action will be taken at the next BOD meeting.

There are always opportunities for volunteer work on ADK properties. Get in touch with the “Construction Bug” leaders. A news item of note: the bridge below JBL has been replaced.