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ADK Board of Directors Meeting – March 6, 2010

David Trithart


Financially, ADK is in good shape, a claim confirmed by the auditor and the Executive Board. The most encouraging statistic, from a year that was hard indeed for many non-profit organizations, was a growth in ADK membership. Better than expected revenues from operations (mainly properties and sales) and expenses held below budget meant that 2009 was a good year, especially considering the overall economy.

Looking forward, there is hope that Environmental Protection Funds will be available for our trails crew, but funding for land acquisition is in doubt. New York is now spending 0.67% of its budget for environmental benefit—putting us 49th in state ranking. On the positive side, closure of state parks looks less likely. The state plan for the fire towers in the park calls for removal of the towers on Hurricane and St. Regis Mts. ADK has supported restoration of many towers, but is in agreement that efforts to save these towers by constitutional amendment or land reclassification are not a good idea. The Conservation Committee is recommending to APA that the Domtar lands around Lyon Mt. be classified “Wild Forest.”

This summer will see national trainers from Leave No Trace at Heart Lake, then later ADK staff will be teaching six public workshops in these practices. This summer, ADK properties will again be hosting people from all over the world, who come to see how our public/private partnerships work to preserve wild spaces.

National Trails Day this year will be centered on Indian Lake. Trail work around Adirondac Loj will be focusing on ski trails. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering on work weekends, as campground hosts at Heart Lake, and in other ways. Check the ADK web site (under continual improvement) for more about these and other club-sponsored activities.

The nomination of Peter Hornbeck for commissioner on the APA is being attacked from some quarters. His business experience and long-time interest in the Adirondacks make him well qualified for this position. Letters to NYS senators in his support could be very helpful.

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