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ADK Board of Directors Meeting – March 24, 2012

David Trithart


The annual meeting and Board of Directors meeting held at ADK Headquarters reviewed the early months of the new fiscal year. The Club had reduced revenues in late 2011 resulting from the impact of Hurricane Irene. An insurance payment of over $60,000 has helped offset that. There is also hope that some funds from the Recovery bill can be used for some property improvements.

Other storm damage remains, including the dam over West Canada Creek - which is a priority for replacement since the crossing is now quite hazardous. DEC is planning to build a dam below the former Marcy Dam bridge. The bridge over John’s Brook near JBL has survived the spring high water - and hopes are that it will be there for many years.

N. Woodworth expressed appreciation to Membership and Development efforts over the past year. He also encouraged all members to visit the Heart Lake and JBL properties to see the many improvements. It is expected that the Professional Trail Crew will be spending more time in the High Peaks area this year. ADK’s Summit Steward program has been able to quantify the degree of alpine vegetation restoration they have enabled on mountain summits.

Woodworth expects that there will be no permits issued for "hydrofracking" in New York State this year. This is partly attributable to the volume of letters received by DEC on this issue.

At the Loj, weekend occupancy has been good, but very poor snow conditions this winter was hard on overall operations. Other programs ran well and were well attended.

The new edition of the Forest Preserve series of guidebooks is underway. National geographic will be doing the maps for this reorganized set of 4 guides. The Northville-Lake Placid guide will continues to be published as well. We are also looking at ways to move into digital forms of publication.

Everyone is looking forward to events such as the Black Fly Affair, National Trails Day, the Ididaride. Look for a major update to the Club’s website within the next few months.