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Director's Report

January, 2013

David Trithart

The Club budget for 2013 was passed unanimously. It plans a modest surplus to improve the cash flow situation, and does this through both a control of expenses and efforts to increase revenue. Membership and Development will see increased staff who will focus on using the new website and social media. The new functionality of the website was noted on several occasions. Among other features, one can check the availability of lodging, and purchase goods and make donations much more easily.

Neil Woodworth recounted his efforts to form a broad coalition of groups concerned about New York’s natural resources to resist an effort to rescind workman’s comprehensive and liability coverage for volunteers working for the DEC. That would have effectively ended work on state lands through adopt-a-natural-resource agreements. Neil expects a favorable outcome to this problem. In addition, the coalition that formed around this issue could develop into a strong voice to advocate for adequate funding for NY public lands.

With hydro-fracking becoming ever less likely in New York, ADK plans to focus advocacy in 2013 on invasive plant species - which are becoming a major threat to many lakes and streams.

Many chapters are reporting a decline in participation in outings. On observation is that shorter outings seem to be getting more popular - such as late afternoon “rambles.” It’s also a good way to help new members or beginning hikers move up to longer outings that are common on most chapter schedules. As always, the Club is looking for how best to serve its members and what issues represent their concerns.