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Director's Report

October, 2013

David Trithart

With the next Board of Directors meeting in Lake George scheduled for too late in September to make the deadline for this issue of North Wind, I’ll make some general comments about my experience representing our chapter at the Club level.

ADK is quite a dynamic organization. Beyond being a collection of people who like to get out into nature, it is very effective as an advocacy and educational force. The environment is under pressure from many sides, and ADK has been hard at work identifying threats, building coalitions to confront problems, and recruiting friends for a healthier planet.

One good way to keep track of ADK’s work is to subscribe to the online newsletter ADK Today. Go to and click the link for ADK Today under the “News” category. Or take a step farther, and get involved as a volunteer; there are many opportunities at ADK.

I have enjoyed my soon-to-be ending tenure as Laurentian Chapter director, but I look forward to continuing active involvement with ADK.