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Director's Report

January, 2014

David Trithart

At the December Board of Directors meeting the 2014 budget for the Club was adopted without dissent. Strong financial results and modest growth in membership were warmly received. A resolution that ADK divest itself of all holdings in fossil fuel corporations was rejected, on practical grounds. There was general sympathy with the sense of concern for climate issues, and a resolution was adopted that ADK work toward concrete ways to reduce its carbon footprint, and look for ways to promote a greener energy future.

Closer to home, in 2014 ADK will be having students in the Clarkson University School of Business prepare a business model for a potential new facility on the Heart Lake property. The APA will be voting on their preferred classification scheme for the Finch- Pruyn lands. ADK has been closely involved with the negotiations on this issue.

Incoming President John Gilewicz addressed the Board with a brief summary of the priorities he sees for the Club. Chief among them is the importance of the chapters in reaching and recruiting new members to be the next generation of ADKers.

A member survey will be sent out in 2014. All are encouraged to complete this to assist the membership and development work of the Club.