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Director's Report

April, 2014

Tom Ortmeyer, 315-265-8219

I am pleased and honored to have become ADK Director representing the Laurentian Chapter. While I haven’t yet attended a board meeting, I did attend a training session this past October that I found to be helpful. The presentations by Executive Director Neil Woodworth and our current 2014 President John Gilewicz were particularly informative, in setting out the activities of the club and the challenges that will be facing the club and the Adirondack. I was impressed with the range of activities that were discussed that day. I plan to provide updates of these club level activities in this column in the coming issues.

I also heard from many at the meeting of their appreciation of the work that my predecessor David Trithart did during his terms as Director. While I regularly heard his reports to us on the club activities, I did not fully appreciate the extent of his efforts to the club on our behalf. I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of the chapter to thank David for his service during his 7 years as Director.