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Jan 1, 2018

Tom Ortmeyer

Advocacy at ADK

ADK has been active in coping with the crowded conditions that have been occurring in the High Peaks area. The Summit Steward program is a key management and educational activity, and ADK’s Stewards by ADK interacted with over 30,000 people this year, mainly in the summer. ADK has a volunteer Steward program for those interested in performing this service.

Parking is an increasing issue at the Heart Lake Property and also along Route 73. Large numbers of hikers have led to trail erosion, and objectionable levels of garbage and human waste along some trails. Finally, the number of underprepared hikers has been increasing, as have the number of back country. ADK staff, Forty-Sixer trailhead volunteers, and DEC rangers and assistant rangers are working together on educational efforts to address these issues. On Columbus Day weekend, the state closed all parking areas along Rte. 73 at the Cascade and Pitchoff Trailheads. This was an experiement, and could well be continued and expanded in the future. ADK and the Adirondack 46ers continue to work together on trail maintenance, and to protect trails and summits.

ADK is also working to address railcar storage on the Iowa Pacific line going to Tahawus. We are working with other Adirondack advocacy groups, and Essex and Warren County Boards of Supervisors. We believe that there are several strong legal arguments against this activity.