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Apr 1, 2019

Tom Ortmeyer

This is the time of year when I start to think ahead to warmer weather—and I imagine I’m not alone in this. I was looking over the ADK web site recently, and discovered that ADK’s 2019 National Trail’s Day event centers around Cranberry Lake this year. I immediately signed up for one of the work crews, and made sure I picked one that included a boat ride across the lake.

That got me to thinking about the wide range of volunteer opportunities the club offers for us in the summer. These include Adopt-a-Lean-to, Adopt-a-Wildland, Volunteer Summit Steward, Adopt a Lean-to, Campground Steward, Trail Steward, Volunteer Trails program (including my personal favorite, 5 days paddling on Long Lake while moving outhouses). Information on these is available at

But that’s not all the club offers—Skills Workshops range from Backcountry Cooking to a 5 Day Wilderness First Responders course. And there is the Adventure Travel Program, Seasonal outings, and Guided Hikes, with many options for those who want to learn and explore with a compatible group of like minded individuals.

And then there are the Heart Lake and Johns Brook Lodge properties—and this summer will be a great time to visit Heart Lake, and see the upgrades that have taken place, and enjoy a burger at the Hungry Hiker.

So, next time the weather isn’t quite as good as you’d like it to be, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, explore the ADK web site or magazine, and get a start on planning your summer activities.