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Jul 1, 2019

Tom Ortmeyer

I’m writing this from ADK Cycle Outing Headquarters on the Clarkson campus, and we are well into this year’s event. The weather turned warmer and drier just in time to give some great days. We’ve had some great support this year from Laurentian Chapter members John Barron, Greg Smith, Cyndi Grover, and Blair and Marg Madore.

About a year ago, ADK nominated the Eastern High Peaks for the Hot Spot Program of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. This program identifies areas around the country that are experiencing heavy recreational pressures. This nomination was successful, and the center has scheduled a week of educational programming focused on preventive measures to reduce impacts, and solutions to protect these areas for generations to come. Specific issues to be addressed include damage to alpine plants, trail erosions, human waste, and negative human/wildlife interactions. In Hot Spot Week, the Center team will partner with ADK, NYSDEC, and others to host public workshops, trailhead and summit outreach, service opportunities, and public awareness. On August 8, there will be a trailwork day on the new Cascade Trail, and volunteers for that day are welcome. There are also other volunteer opportunities for members throughout the week. For more information, contact Seth Jones, or Cathy Pedlar,, or