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Oct 1, 2019

Tom Ortmeyer

I was out paddling on the second to last Sunday of summer — Carolyn Kaczka, Greg Smith, Cyndi Grover and I paddled up the Oswegatchie to Big Rock for lunch, and it was so nice we continued up to Griffin Rapids before turning around.

We had just a bit of color — yellows of the ferns and the older white pine needles, the reds, blues, and yellows of the late summer blossoms, and an occasional bit of red among the hardwoods. And of course, much green everywhere. I was thinking ahead to the coming seasons, the full fall colors and the hiking we’ll do then, and the winter with its snowshoeing and skiing. Not that I want it to snow now, but I am looking forward to its coming. Maybe a bit like late winter, when the seed catalogs arrive, and we think ahead to the gardening season even though we know it is a ways off.

I just had my annual physical a week ago, and my doctor told me he’s leaving — moving south. When I asked why, he said his wife (and perhaps he as well) were tiring of our winters. I think we all know some who feel that way. And I always wish I could better tell them about the joys of each of our seasons.

And as some leave, others arrive. Two notable arrivals to our area have been Neil and Holly Woodworth. Neil is retiring as ADK Executive Director, and he and Holly are in the process of moving to Wanakena full time. Neil will make the presentation at our Fall Potluck, and I hope you all will be able to be there to thank him for his service to ADK as well as to welcome them both to our chapter. And I can tell you for sure, we do not need to explain the joys of winter to either one of them.