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Jan 1, 2022

Holly Woodworth

ADK’s Board voted in October to purchase the 200‐acre Cascade Ski Center near Lake Placid for approximately $2.5 million. The purchase is expected to close soon. The facility will continue as a ski center. In addition, the club will use it for education programs and as an information center. The ski center will be operated by the current owner this winter season and ADK is expected to begin running it in April. The headquarters in Lake George is for sale. When this property sells, the proceeds will be used to decrease the future mortgage on Cascade.

Governance Changes:
At the December Board meeting the Board elected the 2022 members and revised the Bylaws without any member input. The new bylaws will change the way chapters are funded. Chapters will no longer receive a specific share of member dues and will need to submit a budget to headquarters to justify all funds given to the chapter. The revisions include language that allows the Advisory Council input in the selection of future Board Members and future Bylaws changes. If the Advisory Council votes against either Board Members or Bylaws changes, approval requires a vote by membership.

Beginning in 2022, chapters no longer have representation on the Board of Directors but have a representative on the Advisory Council. The Laurentian Chapter will be represented by Tom Ortmeyer.