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Education Report  July -  Sept. 2005

Eileen Wheeler

If you’re hiking the trails- say on St. Regis or Ampersand mountains this summer, notice the stone stairs, water bars, and other trail improvements that represent countless hours of labor from volunteers and professional trail crews.  I mention these two trails in particular, as two ADK volunteer teen crews will be busy working on them this summer.

We are really pleased to be able to sponsor three teens from the area who will be working on the  St. Regis Mt. project in July.  They are Kale Hitchman, Alex Throop, and Brendan Lennox, all students at Potsdam H.S.  They’ll backpack in all their gear and tools, set up camp, and work under the supervision of a professional crew member for five days.  I’ll let you know how they made out in the next Northwind.