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October - December, 2005

Eileen Wheeler

This summer we sponsored three teens to the ADK Teen Volunteer Trail Project on St. Regis Mt. I'm happy to report that they all enjoyed themselves and had a very successful week. They built rock water bars to divert water away from a heavily used trail. As Brendan Lennox wrote in his report, "One heck of a work out, but rewarding in the end." The negative aspects were few. Kale Hitchman wasn't crazy about carrying the heavy tools and being so dirty by the end of the week. Alex Throop had an amusing account of how he lost arace to see who would carry the trash out. The worst part was that the bag started leaking on him, part-way down the mountain, but he just put up with it. (I'll bet the windows were open on that ride home!) He adds, "The shower I took when I got back was the best shower of my life!"

All the guys raved about the food. Alex said it was the best food he'd ever had while camping, while Brendan thought it was great but would have been happy with simpler fare. A hike up the mountain mid-week was a definite highlight. "The view was incredible", said Alex. "It was worth the 8-9 hours of hard work every day just to see it." Kale also mentioned the view as one of his favorite things.

I'd say our money was well spent. Not only did all three enjoy the work, the camaraderie and value the opportunity, but they improved a popular trail for the benefit of everyone and will carry the skills and knowledge with them into the future.

St. Regis Mt. was also visited while at Camp Colby by our essay contest winner and sponsored camper, Eian House. "It took us almost three hours. When we got to the top, we took a nap and ate dinner. It rained all night, so we got soaked, but we still had fun." Besides the swimming, camping, and hiking, Eian loved the archery and shooting activities and got his hunter safety certificate. "It was a great experience. Thank you very much!"

Ann and Armond Spencer sent their grandson Sam Conzone to Camp Colby under our sponsorship. Sam tells us that camp was better than he expected, because they did so many different things. Outdoor ecology classes were held twice a day in which they explored different plant and animal communities and learned good stewardship practices. Sam reports, "After dinner we got in our groups and went hiking. We went to bed around 10 after a campfire. The things I liked best were day trips which were hikes. There was nothing I did not like about camp. I would tell future campers to be ready for anything!"