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Education Report

October, 2006

Vice-Chair, Education: Rose Rivezzi

Eight area teens volunteered many hours this summer to improve trails on Ampersand and St. Regis Mountains. Teams received a day of training and then packed into the woods for four or five nights and despite the bugs, mud, rain, and heat, they learned to build water bars and to move rock in order to build stone staircases. Jamal Dixon, Jordan Potter, and Aisha Dixon spent five days in July working on the St. Regis trails. Trevor Ellis, Patrick Mullen, Kevin Allott, Alexander Dixon, and William Trithart spent four days in August working on the Ampersand Mountain trails.

The program is run by the Adirondack Mountain Club and directed by Wes Lampman, Director of Field Programs. Alexander spoke for many of the teens when he said

"I enjoyed being in the woods and the other kids were fun to work with."
All commented on the good quality of the food, the hard work involved, and a newfound appreciation for what it takes to maintain a trail. As Willie tells future teens considering this opportunity,
"It's a good workout and mind-expanding experience."

A thank you to the Laurentian Chapter, Marilyn Gillespe, Tom and Eileen Wheeler, Gene and Carolyn Kaczka, Teresa Corbin and Mike Mullen, and Rose Rivezzi and David Trithart for sponsoring teens for this program. If you would like to sponsor a teen next summer, please let Rose Rivezzi know (265-8117).

I'll be putting together an Indoor/Outdoor Series for the winter months very soon. If you have a trip or topic you'd like to share or can suggest someone who does, let me know as soon as possible.