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October, 2008

Vice-Chair, Education: Rose Rivezzi

Christy Fuller was one of the campers we sponsored at Camp Colby this summer. She had a rewarding experience and learned that she could steer the canoe.
Julie Beck was the teenage trail volunteer. She sends the following report:

My week spent volunteering on the ADK Trail Crew was interesting, to say the least. I signed up on the St. Regis program. We hiked up Monday morning two miles on the trail to our campsite. After getting an explanation of what we were going to do, we began work. Quarrying rocks took up a large portion of the week.

Moving large rocks with nothing but a metal rock bar took work, but it was very satisfying when we were successful. Once we had mined all the rocks we needed for our project, my crew and I set about setting the stone in the trail. Come week's end, we had constructed a water bar and a set of stepping stones for hikers. The stones made it much easier to pass through that section of trail, especially during the wet season when the trail turns into a muddy mess.

I had expected the trip to include work, but no one can ever truly understand something until they experience it. This was an incredible opportunity to accomplish something long-lasting and worthwhile. I'm glad I was able to take part.

A big thanks to Julie. If you know of a teen who may want to volunteer next summer, please let me know.

I'll be putting together this winter's "Outdoors/Indoors" program soon. If you know of someone who has had an interesting trip, adventure, or information about the natural world to share, please let me know soon.