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New Hiker Series

July, 2009

Vice-Chair, Education: Rose Rivezzi, 265-8117

Children will connect with the natural world if just given the opportunity. There is so much inherently interesting and fascinating about it. Adults need to make sure the experience is safe and comfortable and sometimes help children notice things, but more often than not, the children will have you noticing things along the way. In a modern world that is so disconnected from the natural world, it is vital we give children opportunities with nature. These can be in the backyard or on a mountain trail.

“I’ve never hiked before.” “I don’t know where to go.” “What do I need to know?” If you’ve ever asked these questions and would like to try a hike, especially with a child, the New Hiker Series is for you. Each hike is modest in elevation, nearby, and makes an excellent beginner’s hike. The trip leaders will cover hiking basics and encourage you with your first climb.

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