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October, 2013

Vice-Chair, Education: Betsy Tisdale, 315-265-4721

Observations from one of the chapter’s volunteer trail crew participants:

Hello, my name is Gaetan Foisy and I am 15. I have been volunteering for the ADK for the past two years, and I plan on many more. This year my group went to Hurricane Mt. and made a half-mile of new trail. The new trail was needed because part the old one was flooded by beavers. It took my group of seven, three and a half days to clear and bench the new trail to our leaders’ satisfaction. We camped in a lean-to at the base of the mountain, next to a frigid stream. The food that we brought in and cooked was delicious and healthy. I am thankful that both our leaders were great chefs. I would recommend the volunteer trail crew to anyone who likes nature and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.