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April, 2015

Vice-Chair, Education: Jeff Miller, 315-265-2975

Our new year is off to an exciting start. Despite the brutal temperatures, our first two Outdoors-Indoors presentations were very well attended. In January, Glenn Clark shared his stories and images from his research trip to study the Totten Glacier system in Antarctica. The photos from his trip during the Antarctic summer made us all feel just a little bit warmer. And in February Peggy MacKellar shared stories of her explorations of several mountains in Tanzania, including Mt. Kilimanjaro. She also told us of her work and experiences with an orphanage and the people of Tanzania.

There are still two more presentations to come this year. In March, I’ll tell you about the celestial wonders you’ll discover in the sky if you’re doing some hiking or camping in the evening. We’ll also hear the latest information about Pluto, and why we’ll know more about this distant world this coming summer. And in April we’ll end our presentation series with Kevin “MudRat” MacKenzie, who’ll regale us with his backcountry adventures on some of the High Peaks’ most scenic and seldom-explored venues. Highlights include a “full on” winter assault on Gothics North Face, bluebird conditions on Giant Mountain’s East Face and various explorations in Panther Gorge. It will be thrilling end to the season.

This summer our chapter is again sponsoring two children to attend Camp Colby, where students learn science, solve challenges, play games, catch salamanders, net butterflies and discover the interconnectedness of life on Earth. Rhiley is a student at Ogdensburg Free Academy, and she loves science, fishing and archery. She is very much looking forward to her first trip to the Adirondacks, and is hoping to make many new friends. Gabriel attends Brushton-Moira Central School, and has never been camping before. He’s very excited about hiking, backpacking and boating for the first time. I’m sure that both students will have an experience they’ll remember for many years to come.

And this summer we will again provide scholarships for two teenagers to work on a 5-day High School Volunteer Trail Work Project. If you know of a teen between 14 and 17 years old who loves the outdoors and isn’t afraid of some hard work, please have them contact me for more information.