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Jan 1, 2017

Jeanna Matthews

Sunday Jan 20, 7 pm, Potsdam Civic Center Community Room
Three weeks living in an Albatross colony on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Danielle Jerry In December 2014, I volunteered to count albatross nests on Midway Atoll NWR with about 20 others. It was an other worldly experience and I quickly learned to avoid stepping on Laysan and Black-footed albatrosses nesting virtually everywhere. (Although I did collide with one on my bicycle in an empty huge parking lot with it running to launch itself … under my tire) Albatrosses have fascinating life histories including an amazing love of dance. I will share some of my pictures, videos and stories.

Sunday Feb.19, 7 pm, Potsdam Civic Center Community Room
Cloud forest birding in Montane Ecuador. Tom Wheeler Ecuador, a country only twice the size of New York, has more than 1600 identified species of birds including over 130 species of hummingbird. Located near the equator, the capital Quito is located at 9350 feet elevation near the Pichincha volcano in a plateau between the two cordilleras of the Andes Mountains which pass through the country. Quito’s historic center is a Unesco world heritage cultural site. We will present pictures and experiences from birding the cloud forests of Ecuador and include scenes of Quito.

Sunday Mar.12, 7 pm, Potsdam Civic Center Community Room
“Conservation in Protected Areas: From Central Africa to the North Country”. Jessica Rogers Protected areas in the Congo forest in Central Africa have been called upon to do the same things as conservation easements in the North Country: protect our land and its uses for now and the future. Jessica Rogers studied protected areas in Gabon and expanded her research to all of the forested protected areas of Central Africa. Join us for a discussion of the state of protected areas in Central Africa and around the world, and what we can do in our own backyard.