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Oct 1, 2019

Jeanna Matthews


Our chapter donated a bear barrel to the Potsdam library. Anyone, including members, can check it out to keep food and food smells away from bears and other critters. New York State law states that, “during the period April 1 through November 30, no overnight camper in the Eastern High Peaks Zone shall fail to use bear-resistant canisters for the storage of all food, food containers, garbage, and toiletries.”

We are hopeful that people who might be deterred by the $80 cost of owning their own (or the space needed to store it) might check one out for use when they need it.

It will be part of Potsdam Library’s North Country Collection. Trail guides, memoirs of the Adirondacks, books by local authors. The whole collection is well worth a look for members. It is just on the right as you go in the door of the main library entrance. Some photos are available on our Facebook page.