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Educational Affiliate Program

Jan 1, 2018

John Barron

We have fifteen EAP members for 2017-2018. Four were qualified as leaders coming into this school year, and we qualified eight new student leaders at the leadership workshop in November. The workshop was a lot of fun, taking place partly in-classroom at SUNY Potsdam and partly at Higley Flow State Park where we had students take turns being leader and solving problems on the trail. Experienced student leader Abbey Chimileski assisted John Barron, Marianne Hebert, and Lauren Jackson-Beck in running the event and staging scenarios.

There were five student-led EAP hikes in the fall term, including two with a mountaintop yoga component. There was a huge turnout for Mark Simon’s trail maintenance weekend, which was a joint event of the EAP and the regular program. One student, Mari Robinson, took part in the ADK all-Club “Collegiate Outdoor Leadership Summit 2017” at the Loj in October and gave it a good review. We hope we can sponsor several students to attend College Weekend next year.

Educational Affiliate Program Archive

Jan 1, 2018

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