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Vice-Chair, Outings
Marianne Hebert

The public is invited on all trips unless otherwise indicated.

Please contact trip leaders before the trip

  • to check for last-minute changes, and
  • so the leaders can estimate how many people will be participating.

Please consider car-pooling and sharing the cost of gas.

Additional opportunities can be found on the ADK All-Club Outing Calendar
listing all outings from all chapters. If our chapter isn’t going there soon,
another chapter may be.

Want to lead an outing? Email or call Marianne Hebert (315-265-0756).

DifficultyAscent (ft)Miles
5. Very StrenuousOver 150010+
4. Strenuous1000-15008-10
3. Moderate500-10005-8
2. Fairly Easyto 4993-5
1. EasyMostly level1-3

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Tuesday, Jan. 1 - NEW YEAR’S DAY SKI/SNOWSHOE OUTING. We will gather early to mid-afternoon at the Outdoor Lodge on the Clarkson campus for skiing or snowshoeing the trails behind the lodge. Bring hors d’oeuvres to pass, and plan to be back at the lodge around 4 pm to help bring in the New Year. Contact Tom Ortmeyer at (315) 265-8219 or

Thursday, Jan. 3 - SNOWSHOE CLIMB OF MT. ARAB. Good summit views, from firetower and cabin. 2 mi round trip. Easy. Contact John & Susan Omohundro at (315) 265-8365 or

Saturday, Jan. 5 - SKI PEAVINE SWAMP TRAIL. We’re planning a round trip of about 9 miles. Conditions and participants might change that. Moderately strenuous. Contact Ann & Armond Spencer at (315) 379-1383 or

Saturday, Jan. 12 - DIAL AND NIPPLETOP. To do these two peaks, we will need an early start. 12 miles round trip with 3000 ft elevation gain. Very strenuous and difficult winter mountaineering. Contact Debbie White at (315) 322-4066 or

Sunday, Jan. 13 - HAYSTACK AND BASIN. We will leave from the Garden trailhead at 6:00 a.m. Conditions will determine our route. Snowshoes and full crampons required. Very strenuous and difficult winter mountaineering. Contact Mike McLean at or (315) 262-2564.

Sunday, January 13 - OUTDOORS/INDOORS: THE FACES AND SIGHTS OF IRAN. During five weeks in the spring of 2006, Dick and Alison Charles toured Iran, and returned for another trip in spring of 2007 with Betty and Don Peckham. Experience the gorgeous scenery, historic sites, people and food of this fascinating, diverse, and at times controversial country. 7:00 pm in the Community Room, above the police station facing Elm Street, Potsdam. Questions to Rose Rivezzi,, phone (315) 265-8117.

Saturday, Jan. 19 - SKI TO THE LEAN-TO AT GRASSY POND. This is a delightful spur trail through pine and hardwood rolling hills off the Hayes Brook trail, 4 miles round trip. Meet at the Cutters, 28 Port Kent Road, Nicholville, at 9 a.m. Bring lunch. We could cook at the lean-to. Easy. Contact Duncan & Lois Cutter at (315) 328-4675 or

Sunday, Jan. 20 - MT. MARCY. Approximately 14 miles round trip and 3300 feet of elevation gain. Very strenuous and difficult winter mountaineering. Contact Nancy LaBaff at (315) 379-9885 or

Saturday, Jan. 26 - SNOWSHOE PINNACLE MOUNTAIN. This small mountain is just outside the hamlet of Santa Clara. 5 miles round trip, several hundred feet of elevation gain. Moderate. Contact John Barron at (613) 828-2296 or

Saturday, Feb. 2 - CASCADE & PORTER. The guidebook lists Cascade as the easiest of the 46 high peaks, and a great hike in any season. The hike over to Porter only adds 1.4 miles. Elevation gain is about 2000 feet. Strenuous winter mountaineering. Contact Lyle Montgomery at (315) 394-0121.

Saturday, Feb. 2 - BIRDING AT BLOOMINGDALE BOG. Along Oregon Plains Rd., Bigelow Rd., and then along the old railroad grade that runs through Bloomingdale Bog. Boreal birds are abundant in this area. Participants will also observe the irruption of species from our north occurring this winter. Bring binoculars! Approx. 7 miles round trip on level terrain. Moderate. Jointly sponsored with St. Lawrence-Adirondack Audubon. Contact Joan Collins at (315) 261-4246 or, or Eileen Wheeler at (315) 386-2482 or

Saturday, Feb. 9 - THE BROADLEAF/CONIFER TRAIL AT HIGLEY FLOW. About 3 miles, easy terrain; snowshoe and learn woods lore. Contact Bill Mueller at (315) 262-2952 or

Saturday, Feb. 16 - BEGINNER SKI AT HIGLEY FLOW STATE PARK. Learn the joy of cross-country skiing. Easy trails – great fun. Contact David Trithart at (315) 265-8117.

Saturday, Feb 23 - SNOWSHOE AVALANCHE PASS. Approximately 9 miles round trip with 1000 feet of elevation gain. Moderately strenuous. Contact Tom Wheeler at (315) 386-2482 or

Sunday, February 24 - OUTDOORS/INDOORS: EAGLES AND FALCONS OF THE NORTH COUNTRY. Mary Beth Warburton, who works for the Department of Environmental Conservation, will talk about the eagles and falcons of our area. 7:00 pm in the Community Room, above the police station facing Elm Street, Potsdam. Questions to Rose Rivezzi,, phone (315) 265-8117.

Friday, Feb. 29 - BUSHWHACK A LITTLE MOUNTAIN NEAR MOUNTAIN POND. Joint trip with the Wayfarers. Meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Hayes Brook truck trail parking lot. Possible lunch at Paul Smiths culinary school, but bring snacks and water. Easy. Contact Geri Ames at (315) 764-0009 or Wayne Ratowski at (315) 386-3801.

Saturday, Mar. 1 - STONE VALLEY SNOWSHOE. We’ll start at the north end of the valley and snowshoe up to Colton, and then back on the other side. Mid-morning start, bring a lunch. 7 miles round trip, with some steep spots. Moderate. Contact Tom Ortmeyer at (315) 265-8219 or

Saturday, Mar. 8 - JENKINS MOUNTAIN. Approx. 8 miles round trip with 900 feet of elevation gain. Moderate. Contact Bill Romey at (315) 268-0231.

Saturday Mar. 15 - SNOWSHOE THE SUNRISE TRAIL TO GILLIGAN MT. Day Hikes for All Seasons calls this small mountain near Elizabethtown “a jewel snuggled in the shadow of much higher peaks” and “a wonderful climb of moderate difficulty and short duration.” We’ll leave Potsdam at 8:00 a.m. and plan to lunch at the mountain. 2.5 miles round trip, 670 feet elevation gain. Easy. Contact Art Johnson at (315) 265-2619.

Sunday, March 16 - OUTDOORS/INDOORS: THE RAQUETTE RIVER CORRIDOR. Mike Prescott uses a mixture of his own photographs and historic photos to tell the story of the Raquette River, from the days of logging on the river to the construction of the many dams and reservoirs that are present today. Mike has worked with the Raquette River Corridor Project (RRCP), which seeks to develop responsible stewardship and the recreation potential of the Raquette. 7:00 pm in the Community Room, above the police station facing Elm Street, Potsdam. Questions to Rose Rivezzi,, phone (315) 265-8117.

Saturday, Mar. 22 - OWEN AND COPPERAS PONDS.This short (3 miles round trip) snowshoe hike near Wilmington leads to two beautiful small ponds with views of Whiteface. We’ll provide the hot chocolate. You bring some kids, grandparents, or dogs. Easy. Contact Blair & Margaret Madore at (315) 265-0602.

Sunday, March 30 - Pitchoff Mountain Traverse. Probably on snowshoes. Early start. If we spot cars we'll do 5.2 mi, ascent 1400 ft. Strenuous. Public welcome. Contact John & Susan Omohundro at (315) 265-8365 or