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April - June, 2011

April 3 (Sunday) – Algonquin and Wright Peaks 360º views from both peaks. There will still be enough snow remaining at elevation to require snowshoes. We are looking for favorable snow conditions so we can walk directly from Algonquin to Wright without a thick bushwhack or spruce traps, hopefully a highlight of the trip. About 3,400’ elevation gain and 10 miles: Level 5, Very strenuous. Contact Mark Lowell,, (315) 386-3945.

April 3 (Sunday) - Outdoors/Indoors: Gasland, the Movie This film highlights the damage that can be inflicted on the environment by hydraulic fracturing, a natural gas drilling technique that is currently being exploited in New York and is of great concern to environmental organizations including the ADK. It will provide one point of view on the topic, leading up to the following week’s presentation by Dr. Stephen Bird at the spring pot luck. 7:00 PM at the Community Room above the police station at the Potsdam Civic Center. Contact Blair Madore at or (315) 265-0602.

April 9 (Saturday) - Copper Rock Waterfalls We hope to catch these waterfalls and rapids in an exuberant spectacle of watery excess as we did last year at this time, and explore the area around them. The hike is 1.4 miles RT so it is easy but conditions could create uncertain footing or even the need for some small bushwhacks. Level 1, easy. Families are especially welcome. Contact Blair Madore, or (315) 265 0602.

April 10 (Sunday) Spring "Mud Season" Pot Luck Guest speaker will be Dr. Stephen Bird, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University, who specializes in energy and environmental politics, social and political networks, and U.S. politics. The title is Hydro-Fracking: Environment, Impacts, and Options. Dr. Bird will try to answer some questions including: What are the environmental concerns, the impacts on U.S. energy policy and on global warming? How does public policy address hydro-fracking currently, and what options might we see going forward? The event will be held at Potsdam Presbyterian Church, 42 Elm St., Potsdam. Arrive at 5 PM for supper to start at 5:30. Bring a dish to share and your own tableware. The presentation starts after supper, between 6:30 and 7 PM. Contact John Barron, (613) 828-2296,

April 16 (Saturday) – Frontenac Park Old mine sites and homesteads; lakes and forests; and Moulton Gorge, one of the best overlooks in the Park, will be featured on a 12 mile loop hike. Trailhead is near Westport, Ontario, about 1.5 hours from the Ogdensburg Bridge. Rugged terrain, level 4, strenuous. Contact John Barron, or (613) 828-2296.

April 16 (Saturday) - Wilderness Navigation Using Map & Compass A one-day map and compass clinic that will teach you the skills needed to navigate with confidence off-trail, for both beginners and those wanting a refresher. First part is theory inside in Canton, second part "hands on" at Higley Flow State Park (level 1, rough terrain, a few hundred feet vertical, about 3 miles total). Maximum of four participants. Start 8:30 A.M., finish by about 4:30 P. M. Must provide your own folding mirror compass preferably with declination adjustment (look for a brass adjustment screw on dial). $5 to cover handouts. Contact Cliff or Gloria Daly, or (613) 224-4413.

April 22 (Friday-Earth Day) - Earth Day Hike to Bear Mountain 6.0 miles total-about four or five hours. From Rt. 3 trail-head we proceed over rolling terrain and a small mountain, elevation gain 1500 feet ending in the state park. We’ll spot cars. Commemorate the earth: all participants are asked to bring a selection of text from literature, poetry, prayer/hymn, essay, song lyric, etc. about nature to share at the mountain lean-to. Difficulty level 3. John & Susan Omohundro, 315-265-8365, ADK Members Only

April 23 (Saturday) – Peavine Swamp Trail Hike This 5-mile ski trail on the west side of Cranberry Lake (in lovely mixed forest, not a swamp) is a segment of the "Cranberry 50" loop. Elevation change is modest. Several loops off of it provide numerous options for hikes; we’ll decide on our itinerary at the trailhead. Be prepared for mudholes. Difficulty Level: 2 (of 5). Contact Neal Burdick or (315) 386-4648 evenings.

April 30 (Saturday) – Azure Mt. Hike and Trail Work Day Help Azure Mountain Friends perform Spring clean-up on the hiking trail and also climb to Azure Mt. Peak and enjoy unparalleled views and a restored fire tower. Two miles round trip with 900’ elevation gain. Call leader for details on work to be performed. Level 2, fairly easy. Contact Mike McLean, or (315) 262-2564.

April 30 (Saturday) – Everton Falls Clean-up Help collect trash and prune trails from 10:00 to 12:00, eat lunch on the rock ledges beside Everton Falls, and then (if the weather is nice) canoe either up or down the St. Regis River. Contact Duncan Cutter, or (315) 328-4675.

May 1 (Sunday) - Five Ponds Wilderness via Leary Trail This trail used to be the shortest route to the Five Ponds and High Falls. Abandoned after the 1995 microburst storm, it remains unmarked, but the leader has scouted it the last 1.5 years and can follow it. After coming out on the truck trail, we can decide whether to press deeper into the area to the scenic lean-to at Big Shallow Pond. About 1,100’ climbing and 14 miles RT over mostly gentle terrain. Level 5, very strenuous. Contact Mark Lowell, (315)386-3945.

May 7 (Saturday) - Baldface Mt A trail-less mountain with great views of Debar Mt. RT about 2 miles. Level 3 (of 5), a moderate hike. Contact Geri Ames, or Brian Baston (315) 769-3483.May 7 (Saturday) Catamount Mt. Trail Maintenance - Help spruce up this spectacular little peak just north of Whiteface. We mainly side trim and remove blowdown. Take lunch and work gloves - you can borrow a tool from us or take your own. 4 miles, 1500 feet elevation gain, 5 hours. Level 4 (of 5), Strenuous. Contact Cliff or Gloria Daly, or (613) 224-4413.

May 14 (Saturday) - Nun-da-gao Ridge A picturesque hike along the Nun-da-gao Ridge to Weston Mountain and Lost Pond. This is a moderate-to-strenuous hike along a rocky ridge with many panoramic views and attractions along the way. 5-6 miles with an elevation gain of 1,403 feet. Level 3. Contact Marianne Hebert,, (315) 265-0756.

May 15 (Sunday) - Bicycle the St. Lawrence River Valley A 25-mile loop in the Waddington region with lunch along the way and plenty of river views. Contact Tom Ortmeyer,, (315) 265-8219.

May 15 (Sunday) Moved from May 22 – Outdoors/Indoors: Hiking the Haute Route Debbie White will give a slide presentation of a hike across this famous and challenging route through the French and Swiss Alps. 7:00 PM at the Community Room above the police station at the Potsdam Civic Center. Contact Blair Madore at or (315) 265-0602.

May 21 (Saturday) – Spring Wildflowers along Ranger School Trails Take a leisurely hike along trails in the Ranger School forest and environs of Wanakena. We’ll start on the Esker Trail, visiting bogs along the way and we may choose to explore other areas near Wanakena. Expect to walk about three miles, mostly level terrain. Level 3, a moderate hike. Contact Bill Mueller, or (315) 262-2952.

May 22 (Sunday) Moved to June 18 – Blue Mt A flat summit at 3700 feet affords great views from the fire tower of many area lakes and mountains (Algonquin, Colden, Seward). 4 miles, 1500 feet elevation gain, Level 3, moderately strenuous. Contact Dana Chudzinski,, (315) 528-3468.

May 22 (Sunday) Moved to May 15 – Outdoors/Indoors: Hiking the Haute Route

May 28 (Saturday) - Street and Nye Mts Not very long ago these two officially trail-less High Peaks were a tough challenge in route-finding and bushwhacking; now they are served by a very clear path. The leader will reminisce about the unscheduled overnight he spent on these mountains in the bad old days; 8 miles, 2500 feet elevation gain, level 5, very strenuous. Contact John Barron,, or (613) 828-2296

May 28 (Saturday) - Lampson Falls Clean Up Enjoy the tranquil Grasse River as we do our annual clean up in the vicinity of Lampson Falls. Take a few small garbage bags, work gloves and lunch. Kids especially welcome! 3 miles, level 1(of 5), Easy. Start at at Lampson Falls trailhead at 10:00 AM, finish by 2:00 P.M. then go visit our friends the Kepes's for a post-outing social. Contact Cliff or Gloria Daly for meeting time and place, or (613) 224-4413.

May 29 (Sunday) - Streeter Lake A moderate woods hike with a few ups and downs to this pretty little lake. Approximately 8 miles RT. Bring water, lunch and bug dope. Level 3 in difficulty. Contact Armond Spencer,, (315) 379-1383.

June 4 (Saturday) – Racquette River Paddle This 7-8 mile paddle on the Racquette River will begin below the Raymondville Dam and end at the Massena Springs Park in Massena. We’ll spot cars from Springs Park. It is down-current and easy, with one very short area of quick water that is easily navigated close to the shoreline. Flotation devices are mandatory and must be worn. Any age or experience level welcome. Contact Carol LaDue,, (315) 764-5919 or Brian Baston (315) 769-3483.

June 5 (Sunday) – Giant Mt. (via Ridge Trail) A 6-mile RT hike has many great views on many open faces on the way to as well as on the summit. 3000 feet elevation gain, Level 5, very strenuous. Contact Dana Chudzinski,, (315) 528-3468.

June 11 (Saturday) – Blue Ridge (3500') Bushwack from Stevens Pond We will head south on the Northville-Lake Placid trail near Lake Durant and follow it to Stephens Pond. We will then bushwhack up and along the ridge to arrive at the wooded Blue Ridge Summit. The bushwhack is relatively open, but come expecting thick going, bringing pants/gloves/eye protection. About 12 miles round trip with 1700’ of ascent. Level 5, Very strenuous. Mike McLean, (315) 262-2564.

June 18 (Saturday) Moved from May 22 – Blue Mt A flat summit at 3700 feet affords great views from the fire tower of many area lakes and mountains (Algonquin, Colden, Seward). 4 miles, 1500 feet elevation gain, Level 3, moderately strenuous. Contact Dana Chudzinski,, (315) 528-3468.

June 25 (Saturday) - Cycling the Great Bend of the Oswegatchie 35-mile loop tour by bicycle on back roads, starting and ending in Gouverneur. We will follow the well-known bend in the river. Scenic highlights will include outcrops of Frontenac Axis rock, the geological connection between the Canadian Shield and the Adirondacks. Moderate terrain, moderate pace. Joint trip with Black River Chapter. Contact John Barron,, or (613) 828-2296.

June 25 (Saturday) - Paddle St. Regis River from Santa Clara A lazy paddle up the river to a lunch site and then proceed as far as the group wants to. Must have boat and personal flotation device. Contact Geri Ames,, or call Brian Baston at 315-769-3483.

June 26 (Sunday) - Blue Mountain (Leeds Co., Ontario) Paddle/Hike Located 20 min north of the 1000 Islands Bridge, 650’ high Blue Mountain is the highest point in Leeds County. We will put in on Charleston Lake and paddle to Huckleberry Hollow, then hike the trail to the top for lunch. The 7-1/2 mi round trip paddle is generally protected from large waves but can sometimes be windy. 4 mi. round trip hike through moderate terrain. Elevation gain 400’. Level 3-4, Moderate to Strenuous. Contact Toni Towle or Peter Blood, (613) 387-2829.