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April - June, 2017

Sun, Apr 2: Road walk on the Dean Road We will celebrate the first Sunday in April with a walk on the unpaved Dean Road along the Middle Branch of the Grasse River. Distance will be around 6 miles. Level 3. Moderate. Contact Tom Ortmeyer, 315-244-3707 or

Sun, Apr 9: date corrected Annual Spring Waterfall Walk on Tooley Pond Road Bring your dogs, your parents and your kids to this annual extravaganza. Don’t forget your camera and remember that snow may still be possible in these woods. Expect to walk about 4 miles in total split among several short hikes to waterfalls on the South Branch of the Grasse River. Level 2. Contact Blair Madore 315-261-0751 or

Sat, Apr 22: Earth Day Hike Celebrate the biosphere on Earth Day by climbing little Pinnacle Mountain, near Santa Clara. 4.5 miles RT, much of it on a woods road, with total 450 feet elevation gain. Nice views on ledges at the summit. Bring a text or image about the earth, conservation, nature, etc. to share during lunch. North Woods and Laurentian chapter members only. Level 2. John and Susan Omohundro, 315-244-9131.

Sun, Apr 23: Spring Potluck Community Room, First Presbyterian Church, Potsdam. Arrive between 5 and 5:30 PM, supper at 5:45 PM. Bring a dish to share and your own tableware. Supper will be followed by a presentation on “Hiking in the Canadian Rockies” by Art Boni. Contact Tom Wheeler at 315-386-2482 or

Sat, Apr 29: Annual Everton Falls Clean-Up Meet at the Everton Falls canoe parking lot on the Red Tavern Road outside St. Regis Falls at 10:00. We’ll pick up roadside trash and clear the two hiking trails, eat lunch on the rocks above the falls, and canoe if weather and river level are favorable. Bring a trash bag, pruning shears, and lunch. Level 1. Contact Duncan Cutter at 315-328-4675 or

Sun, Apr 30: Spring Trail Work on Red Sandstone Trail Dress for the weather and potential bugs. We will walk the trails and do light maintenance including branch trimming and removing blowdown. Anyone wishing to attempt a larger project should contact me well in advance. Contact Blair Madore – 315-261-0751 or

Sat, May 6: The Gulf Unique Area The Gulf is a scenic chasm located on the Canadian border in the town of Mooers, 40 minutes east of Malone. 5 miles RT, almost flat. Level 2. Contact John Barron, 613-828-2296 or

Sun, May 7: Outdoors-Indoors. Clarkson University’s Adirondack Semester students explore the role of Big Data in the Adirondacks They will survey current large scale data collection projects in the Adirondacks and report on their own experiences collecting data of different kinds from ethnographic studies to business data to water quality monitoring. They reflect on the Big Data’s potential for good (e.g. providing facts that influence important policy decisions) and for ill (e.g. surveillance of individuals that is difficult to escape even in a place known for being forever wild). They consider the potential for future Adirondack Semester students to contribute to a long-term data collection project. The Clarkson Adirondack Semester program is in its 4th year. Students live and take classes in Saranac Lake. 7 - 8 p.m. in the Potsdam Civic Center Community Room (handicapped-accessible). Refreshments will be served.

Sat, May 13: Bear Mountain Wildflower Hike This will be a loop beginning in the Cranberry Lake campground. Tree foliage will still be sparse, so the views from the Lookout should be lovely. Approximately 5.5 miles RT. Elevation gain 677 feet. Level 3, Moderate. Contact Marianne Hebert 315-265-0756,

Tue, May 23: Executive Committee Meeting The Laurentian Chapter Executive Committee meets at 7:00 and is open to all chapter members. Contact Tom Wheeler (315-386-2482, for details.

Sat, May 27: Titusville Mountain Hike on a steep trail to a viewpoint near the top; then a bushwhack to the true summit and onward to a terrific viewpoint on a cliff looking east. 2 miles RT on trail, 1.5 mile RT of bushwhacking for a total of 3.5 miles RT. 1000 feet of gain. Level 4. Contact John Barron, 613-828-2296 or

Sat, Jun 10: Dog and Family Hike at Wellesley Island State Park The trails offer a variety of woodland, wetlands and river view walks. Deer, birds and other critters abound. We will explore the trails and visit the Nature Center. Bring lunch and binoculars. 3-6 miles RT depending on the will of the group. Level 2-3. Limited space for dogs, make reservations early. Leashes required (for dogs). Contact: Marianne Hebert,, 315-265-0756 or Michael Minthorn,, 613-354-3032.

Sun, Jun 25: Rescheduled to Sat Jul 8 Bicycle the Madrid-Waddington loop This is a 25 miles scenic road loop going down to the St. Lawrence through Chipman Corners, stops at several parks on the river, and then back to Madrid along the Grasse. Largely flat. Moderate. Contact Tom Ortmeyer, 315-244-3707 or