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July - September, 2018

Sat, Jul 14: Paddling in Newcomb Lake Harris, Rich Lake, and the headwaters of the Hudson River. Several possible points of interest including Great Camp Santanoni Gatehouse Complex and SUNY ESF Adirondack Interpretive Center. Boat rentals available. Level 2, easy. Contact John Barron, 613-828-2296 or

Sat, Jul 14: Fire Tower Fever Adirondack Experience on Blue Mountain Lake hosts a celebration of Adirondack and Catskill fire towers and the people who restore and maintain them. Features presentations, stories, hikes. For more information, visit the Fire Tower Fever page.

Wed, Jul 18: Evening paddle in Madrid We’ll meet at 5pm for an evening paddle upstream from the Municipal park in Madrid. Rental kayaks may be available. Level 2. Contact Tom Ortmeyer, 315-244-3707, for details.

Sun, Jul 29: Azure Mountain Centennial Celebration Join the Azure Mountain Friends and community in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the fire tower. Meet on the summit at 10:00am for reading and speeches. Refreshments and raffle drawing at 2:00pm in Saint Regis Falls.  For details: (Not an ADK event).

Sat, Aug 4: Silver Lake Mountain and Bog Silver Lake Mountain is an easy “Kids on the Trail” hike, about 2 miles RT and 700ft elevation gain. The nearby bog, includes a boardwalk though a variety of habitats and a trail to a 200 foot bluff overlooking Silver Lake, 2.5 miles RT, ~200 foot elevation gain. Total miles 5.5, elevation gain 900ft, option to do either or both legs. Level 2, Fairly easy. Contact Marianne Hebert, 315-265-0756.

Sat, Aug 11: Debar Pond Paddle & Picnic with optional bushwhack up Baldface We can carry through the lodge campus, about 0.2 mi. The pond is less than a mile long so some may wish to bushwhack Baldface (less than a mile, but 1,000 ft gain) in search of blueberries and summit views. We can swim and picnic at the lodge beach. Co-listed with North Woods chapter. Members only. Limit 12 boats. John Omohundro,

Sat, Aug 18: Grass River Red Trail Hike We will explore the proposed red trail in the Grass River Wild Forest downstream from Lampson Falls. 6-9 miles. Level 4. Contact Tom Ortmeyer, 315-244-3707, for details.

Sat, Aug 25: Hike Stone Valley One of the most popular nature walks in the North Country, the trail follows the shore of the Raquette River, offering a unique variety of rapids, waterfalls, woodlands and geological features. 3 miles round trip, a few short climbs and descents but no significant elevation gains. Families with small children should note that there are bluffs along the route. Level I Easy. Contact Kate: 720-237-5059; or Marianne Hebert:, 315-265-0756.

Sun, Aug 26: Gourmet Picnic Paddle Bring your best food to share on this paddle on Blake Reservoir. Meet at the boat launch on the south end of the lake at 5 PM for the pleasant paddle to Blake Campsite’s lovely beach. (No cheating by dropping off your food by car!) Eagles are fairly common on Blake, so let’s hope for a sighting. Contact TL Dick Mooers, 315-854-4186 or

Sat, Sep 8: Castle Rock Easy hike to a spectacular high viewpoint over Blue Mountain Lake. A Kids on the Trail destination, and children are welcome. 4 miles RT, 700 ft of gain. Level 2. Option for swimming and/or supper in Long Lake afterward. Contact John Barron, 613-828-2296 or

Sat, Sep 15: Postponed Portage and Paddle Boreas Ponds Rough 3 mile drive to park, then a long walk to a short paddle.  Boreas Ponds has a fabulous view of the southeast sides of Allen, Skylight, Marcy, Haystack and other peaks.  The area will be very popular once the state’s plans for improved access and parking are put into effect, but, for now, count on having a cart for the  7 mile round-trip walk on Gulf Brook Road to the dam that enlarged Boreas Ponds. There is a beautiful view from the dam, but a better view is from the main pond.  Travel and time arrangements:  TL Dick Mooers, 315-854-4186 or

Sat, Sep 22: Debar Mountain This lonely mountain has awesome views though some effort and persistence is needed to get there as it involves 7.4 miles roundtrip and more than 1700 feet of elevation gain. This is a Kids on the Trail hike and we will take a moderate pace suitable for kids and their parents. Possibilities for swimming or camping after the hike exist at Meacham Lake State Park.  Call Blair Madore 315-261-0751 or

Sat, Sep 29: Postponed Circuit of Three Ponds in Wolf Lake State Forest, Talcville Hike the Laurentian Shield without going through Customs, and enjoy scenery similar to the landscape beloved of Canadian painters Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in their iconic Fall season (see their work at the National Gallery of Canada). Elevation gain is slight in ups and downs, but footing can be rough and sometimes a bit wet. Distance totals 7.7 miles or 6.5 if you skip Wolf Lake itself. Difficulty level 3, Moderate. We will meet in Edwards, time TBA. Contact TL Dick Mooers, or 315-854-4186.