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Loony Loop hikes in USLoony Loop hikes in Canada

The Saint Lawrence River Valley region is home to some of the most beautiful natural areas in New York, offering splendid views of rivers, wetlands and forests, plus unique vegetation and wildlife. While the coronavirus pandemic makes travel and hiking on crowded Adirondack trails more difficult, now is the perfect time to explore the natural wonders near the US/Canadian border.

The Laurentian Loony Loop Challenge is designed to provide some safe outing alternatives along low-traffic trails in St. Lawrence County and Ontario Province, Canada. The Challenge is open to all - Laurentian Chapter members, other ADK members, and the general public.

The Challenge hikes are suitable for all levels, including families with kids. All routes are also suitable for snowshoeing, and many are skiable. They are guaranteed to challenge your map skills. Links to maps are included with each description and are strongly recommended while hiking.

Loop trails have been identified on both sides of the US/Canadian border so that hikers from both sides of the St. Lawrence River can participate, even if border crossings are restricted. While we recommend specific loop trails for many destinations, the patch requirements are flexible.

US HikesCanadian Hikes
Higley Flow State Park
Red Sandstone Sugar Island
Southville State Forest
Bear Mountain
Peavine Swamp Trails
Tooley Pond Mountain
Robert Moses state Park
Wellesley Island State Park
Indian Creek Nature Center
Catamount Mountain
Lost Pond Loop
Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary
Rock Dunder
Marble Rock
Parc Guindon
Mac Johnson Wildlife Area
Cooper Marsh Conservation Area
Frontenac Provincial Park
Rideau Trail
Gould Lake Conservation Area
Charleston Lake
Landon Bay Center
US hike detailsCanadian hike details

You can earn the patch by completing any combination of US and Canadian trails. The goal is to get out, get some exercise and appreciate the natural resources of our region.

Safety first: BRING A MAP! Practice current social distancing recommendations when encountering other hikers.

To earn the Laurentian Loony Loop patch, complete 8 hikes from the destinations on the list. Hikes must be completed in 2020 or later can be done in any season. Canadian and US hikes can be combined to meet the 8-hike total.

Download the registration form and list of destinations to track your progress. Once you have completed 8 hikes, complete the registration form and mail it to one of the addresses listed on the form.

Loony Loop Challenge Archive