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Adirondack Mountain Club Inc.
Laurentian Chapter Executive Committee Meeting
March 11, 2004
Terri Burdick, Secretary

Attended by: Ron Johnson, Tom Ortmeyer, Eileen VanDuyne, John Wood, Sandy Hildreth, Art Johnson, Terri Burdick and Betsy Tisdale

An executive committee meeting was held on March 11, 2004 in the meeting room of the Methodist Church in Potsdam.  
  Ron asked for comment on the February minutes. A motion was made by Art to approve minutes, seconded by Eileen and carried.
 I. Director’s Report: Sandy Hildreth
The full Director’s report is available on the chapter website.   Sandy suggested that other chapter members who serve on club committees be invited to the executive committee meeting and/or be asked for a written report on their volunteer activities.  The club Education committee is scheduling another meeting for Chapter Education Chairs.  Outings committee is looking for trip proposals for 2005, their next meeting is 4/13/05.  Strategic Planning committee is working on club goals and objectives for the next 5 years.  The Club is looking for a chapter willing to host the 2006 fall outing. Sandy shared information from the Clifton Fine Economic development corp. Sandy is working with the club’s public relations working group to develop a marketing plan.

 II. Northwind/ Chapter Website: Sandy Hildreth
Northwind:  Sandy has developed a newsletter insert with outings schedule and chapter contacts. It was decided the chapter will use club membership brochures with this insert to recruit new members.  The Northwind will be completed early next week and go to the printers.

 III. Conservation Report: Tom Ortmeyer
River advisory boards:  Tom reported Alice Richardson from DEC is charged with these committees organization.  She told him the delay in developing a meeting schedule was due to a lack of response from Reliant. She has proposed a tentative meeting date of May 13th. This is becoming critical as the St. Regis monies will be at deadline soon.  Tom said he will keep John and Marc up to date on the Raquette River meeting schedule

Snowmobile Draft proposal: Tom submitted written remarks on behalf of the chapter. Tom and his wife Ann and Kathy Batson attended the Tupper Lake meeting; which was well attended by the Club, snowmobile clubs, tourism groups and town government representatives.  He reports all groups criticized the state’s preparation and plan.

Stone Valley Report with Mark Simmon: reported that ROTC plans an April training date at Stone Valley.  Tom will speak with Tim Kelly (ROTC) and Tom Smith (Reliant) and schedule a meeting between them and chapter representatives to discuss use of Stone Valley and complying with the environmental plan for the area as well as a gate for the Painted Rock entrance.
Mark reported there is a need for trail maintenance and garbage pickup on the Stone Valley trail. He would like to meet with Reliant and document the garbage dumps and try to resolve this problem. He also proposed blocking Painted Rock and the west side of the Lenny Rd. to vehicle access and only allowing ATV’s entry.  Mark reported that Glen Clark is building trail registers.  He would like some volunteers to check the registers and work on trail projects. 

 IV. Outings: Art Johnson
The spring outing schedule is in Sandy’s hands.  Anyone interested in leading a trip should call him. The next Outings planning meeting is scheduled for May 12th.

 V. Treasurer’s Report:  John Wood
The checking account balance is $ 1,338.18  and the savings account balance is $ 4,531.64.  John has received _ payment of the January membership from the club. NY State sales tax is due in March and John will pay this $ 12.44.

 VI. Education Report: Eileen VanDuyne
Camp Colby:  The club will sponsor 2 campers: Brian McPherson and Crystal Myler. John has sent payment to DEC.

Teen Volunteer Trailwork Project: Information on this program is in the current Northwind and will appear in area papers soon. 

Spring Potluck: 

Outdoor/Indoor Programs:  Eileen asked the chapter to consider a $25 donation for use of the Paige meeting room, this was agreed to and John will send a check.

 VII. Action Items: Ron Johnson
 Ron reported receiving the members-at-large list from the Club.  Sandy will send a letter to all inviting them to join the chapter and including a copy of the Northwind and outings schedule insert.

Chapter patches to new members: it was decided free chapter patches would be offered to new members

Sandy proposed inviting chapter members, who serve on club committees, to the Laurentian executive meetings. Sandy will provide the names to Ron and he will add them to the email meeting notice.

John Omohundro asked for a $ 100 dollar budget line for maintenance on the Red Sandstone trial this year, so moved by Tom, seconded by Art and passed.

Betsy Tisdale, the new chapter Sales Coordinator, joined the executive committee for a discussion of past history in chapter sales and future plans.  Betsy related that there tends to be a cyclic demand for many of the items the chapter sells.  She thinks this is a member services and that it promotes the chapter.  There was a good deal of discussion regarding what the chapter should sell and how to price items. On a motion from Art and 2nd from Tom it was agreed to let Betsy decide on chapter purchases with a $ 200 limit.  In addition pricing on items will include NY sales tax. 

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Thursday, May 13th, at 7:00pm in the Methodist church, Potsdam.