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Minutes from the 5/13/04 meeting
Of the Laurentian Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club
Recorded by:  Linda Moerschell, chapter member
Terri Burdick, Secretary

Present:  Betsy Tisdale, Tom Ortmeyer, Alison Charles, Betty Peckham, Eileen VanDuyne, Ron Johnson, Sandra Hildreth, John Wood, Linda Moerschell (volunteered to record minutes), Dick Mooers

Meeting came to order at 7:05 PM; Agendas were distributed and it was determined a quorum was present; No minutes were available from the March meeting
Director's Report - Sandra Hildreth
Sandy talks about 2006 Fall Outing and that Clifton Fine economic development group is still eager to host the fall outing (3rd week in September) in Wanakena.  No response to request for someone to serve as chair for the outing.  There will be an informal meeting at the trails day on June 5th to discuss details and ideas. 

Tom asks if we want to host 2006 if no members are willing to become chair.    Eileen volunteered to help and Sandy will do the brochure.  Ron asked opinions if a non ADK member could host the fall outing and the general consensus was no. Discussion on benefits and disadvantages of Wanakena site.  Newcomb was suggested, Betty discusses Star Lake.  Dick suggests a small committee be formed to "nail it down".  Ron asks Sandy to report from meeting on Friday June 4 (which Eileen and some others may also attend).

Sandy reports that the new adk.org web site is up and running. There is a Board of Director's meeting on June 12th in Syracuse followed by a Retirement Dinner for Executive Director Jo Benton.  Sandy is on the Strategic Planning Committee which has accomplished much.  There are 22 new outings are scheduled by the Outings Committee for 2005. 

Sandy is also working with the ADK marketing group and brought new, young, chapter member Blair Madore, to a recent meeting for his input. He proved to be very helpful.

Trails day - still room to sign up and info can be found on adk.org website. Free camping in Cranberry Lake, free barbeque and beer afterwards in Wanakena.
Ron asks for additions to the agenda.
    1.  Change misspelling of Dave Trithart's name
    2.  Lampson Falls to be added to Tom's report
Chair's Report - Ron Johnson

Ron discusses the ADK's request for a Chapter basket to be auctioned at ADK Harvest Moon Madness on November 13th, 2004.  Ron will check with Ann.  Betsy volunteers to take care of this if Ann doesn’t want to. 

Ron asks if any members are interested in New Leader's Orientation on May 15th.  No one was interested in attending.

Sherman Craig, Cranberry Lake, has requested $250 from the chapter to help pay for a band at National Trails Day which is $100 more than last year's contribution.
A motion was made by Tom to contribute the $250.
Seconded by Eileen.
No discussion - motion carried.
John Wood asked for an invoice to enable him to write the check.

Mention was made of the St. Lawrence Aquarium donation made for $100.

There was a discussion on whether the chapter would be interested in subsidizing tour costs for an outing to White Pine Camp, near Paul Smiths.  It was decided that individuals should pay the $9.00 fee - not the chapter.  Some discussion of the tour itself.

Eileen and Betsy discuss fall pot luck and details concerning guest speaker.  A brochure was circulated about the presentation from Peggy Lynn and Sandra Webber.  It was suggested that they will generate much interest as they are focused on women's history in the Adirondacks.  Betsy has contacted Vicki Levitt and Ann Malone at SUNY Potsdam to generate interest in this event which may include a book signing.  The date for the fall pot luck is November 7th.  Ron asked Eileen to reserve the space at the First Presbyterian church in Potsdam.
No report from Art Johnson on Outings - a meeting is scheduled for 5/26 to sign up to lead outings – free pizza! 7 pm Trinity church.

Conservation report - Tom Ortmeyer

Tom will look into the Adirondack Water Body Testing Program.  Not clear why our chapter is involved with water testing - discussion about how the program was initiated and that is was to last about 3 years – he will find out if more involvement is required.

Tom reports on the initial meeting with both the Raquette River Advisory Council and the St. Regis River Advisory Council.  The meeting was attended by John Omohundro, our RRAC representative, Rob Badger, our SRRAC representative, and Tom.  The purpose of the meeting was to develop a draft set of bylaws for the two groups which was done.  This draft will be circulated, and will hopefully be finalized at a June meeting.  An early August meeting is proposed which would be the first "issues" meeting of these two groups. 

The ROTC was reportedly not at Stone Valley in the spring.  The future is uncertain as to their activities.  Tom and Trails Coordinator Mark Simon looking to fence off access to the drive in area of the trail (painted rock).  Many issues are surrounding the usage including the use of ATV's, hunting, target practice.  Ron asks Tom if our chapter wants to take a position on Stone Valley usage.  Tom suggests we wait for the upcoming meeting with Reliant and discuss after.  Tom is to set up a meeting with the main topic focused on trail work. He will also look into chapter Stone Valley archives to find out what the initial agreement was.

Lampson Falls report is that the DEC is proposing work at Lampson Falls which first came up before the APA in April.  The work is required for compliance with the ADA.  The plan has two parts; first is the access to the falls from the highway, second is the location and construction of the viewing area.  The preferred plan provides parking at the highway, and hardening of the trail into the falls for wheelchair access.   The preferred plan for the viewing area is at the side of the falls about 1/3 of the way down.  The viewing area will be constructed so as to minimize it's visibility from the bottom of the falls.  There was a question of who was paying for this and Tom responded that the state is paying.
Education Report - Eileen Van Duyne

Camp Colby Summary - sponsored 3 kids, paying for two (third is already paid for).

High school kid’s volunteer trail crew report:  Two are signed up: Courtney La Point and Devon LaPoint - not related.  John has a chapter check for $500.00 to sponsor the kids for trail work in July on the Blue Mountain Trail.  It was decided that an alternate high school student be lined up in the event one of the two drop out.  Discussion on marketing of this event.

Treasurer's Report - John Wood

Balance in the passbook savings account:  $ 4,531.64
Balance in the checkbook account:  $ 1,195.35

John reports that we are still getting half of the chapter share of membership dues – it will change soon. Paid for last newsletter and two books.  He requested help with the financial guidelines.  He will do it after Labor Day.  Dick inquires why the chapter holds a high balance in the accounts.  There was discussion on policy and reasons. It was pointed out that donations are made as part of the operating budget.  Ron suggested a plan be made and included into the financial guidelines, where to make donations and what an appropriate balance should be for the chapter.  There was more discussion on the future plans for expenditures. 
Tom suggested that this be discussed at the annual members meeting.  Betsy discusses former uses of funds.  Ron asks Sandy to look into the Jamison Fund.  It was requested that Alison and John should investigate appropriate balances.

Membership committee - no report
Sandy's report on North Wind Newsletter and the Laurentian chapter website

400 copies of North Wind were printed - 36 were sent to Members at Large from our area.  There were one or two members that switched over to chapter membership due to this, maybe more.

The entire North Wind was submitted to SUNY Potsdam print shop via the Internet. It had to be printed twice due to an error on the part of the printer -
Extra copies of the newsletter were distributed to Mary Jo, Wear on Earth, Mark Simon,  and the Potsdam Food Co-op. Sandy remarked how much work it was to distribute these on her own and requested help in addressing, mailing and distributing the next issue of North Wind.  Several volunteers stepped forward to help.  Web site will be updated quarterly to reflect the current issues of the newsletter.

Ron inquired whether the bulk mail permit should be held at the Canton Post Office.  Discussion.  It was decided best to be left as is. 

Archivist Report - Betty Peckham

Betty comments on archiving activity as it relates to the newsletter and other written documents.  There was some discussion on how to improve materials

There as some discussion about the chapter digital Kodak camera and how rapidly it uses batteries.  A battery pack and a new camera were both discussed.  It was determined that the chapter camera would go to Sandy for now and that it be available to other chapter members to record trips if they don't own their own camera. 

There was no report from the Nominating Committee

Sandy and Betsy discuss job descriptions for future positions. Sandy felt each position, elected and appointed, should develop job descriptions to be passed on to future officers.  Ron will pass this topic on to the nominating committee for discussion.

There was no Audit Report

There was no further Publicity Report

Ann Spencer was not present for the Bylaws report but there was a comment that it was active. 

There were no Trails Reports

There was no Hospitality Report

There was a motion to adjourn at 8:50 PM by Tom
Seconded by?

Next meeting date is 7/8/04 with the location to be announced.
Minutes to be sent to Teri Burdick at tburdick@stlawu.edu

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