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Adirondack Mountain Club Inc.
Laurentian Chapter Executive Committee Meeting
January 13, 2005
Methodist Church, Potsdam, NY
Vasily Cateforis, Secretary

Committee Members Present:  Vasily Cateforis, Sandy Hildreth, Ron Johnson, Gene Kaczka, Armond Spencer, Betsy Tisdale, Eileen Wheeler

Other Members Present: Carolyn Kaczka, John Wood

The meeting was preceded by a presentation by Judy Fuhr on behalf of the Friends of Higley Flow State Park. Judy spoke about the goals, hopes and needs of the Friends. Discussion ensued mainly on possible ways to support the Friends in their mission.
Several ideas were floated, such as direct dollar contributions from the Chapter, writing a (promotional) piece in the North Wind (encouraging Laurentian members to join the Friends).

1) The Committee Meeting came to order at about 7:30 pm. The Chair distributed the agenda and additional items were introduced.

2) The minutes of the Exec. Committee meeting of 11/11/2004 were  unavailable for consideration. The minutes of the 11/07/2004 annual meeting were, also, not available for consideration. These will be considered at the next meeting (2/10/2004) of the Executive Committee.

3) Director’s Report (Sandy Hildreth) Sandy gave an overview of the director’s role and then proceeded to give her report. She reported on the Jamieson Fund and on the status of the Fall 2006 Outing at Wanakena. In relation to the latter Sandy informed the Committee that Eileen Wheeler and Tom Ortmeyer have agreed to co-chair Fall Outing 2006. Finally Sandy stated that all the latest news and information from ADK are included in the most recent North Wind.

4) Chair’s Report (Ron Johnson) Ron touched upon several things:
(a) On a possible donation to the Friends of Higley Flow State Park It was moved (Sandy) and seconded(Gene) that the Chapter become a supporting member of the Friends at the level of $ 100. The motion passed (yeas 5, nays 1, abstentions 1)
(b) On the Committee Appointments All were accepted unanimously
(c) On the 2005 Budget  (* stationary is on order ? *)
(d) On 2005 Elections – positions/terms Vacancies will exist at chair, vice-chair for education, director and secretary.
(e) On the new waiver form There was some discussion mostly about making the form independent of time sensitive information  (e.g. removing specific member names from it ). There was no resolution to this issue.
(f) On tool inventory Ron distributed an e-mail from John and Susan Omohundro giving a trail tool inventory with most items to be found at the Omohundro barn. John stated that a wood burning  tool (for marking all these tools) would be nice. Armond would be glad to store a back hoe at his barn.
(g) On bear cans We should, perhaps, help Wear-on-Earth carry these storage cans; they are now mandated for all campers in some areas.
(h) On canoe access at Ives Park We should look into securing canoe access at the Park to get to (on or off) the Red Sandstone trail.
(i) On First Aid Kits (for trip leaders) It was moved (Gene) and seconded ( ?) that the Chapter study the issue of First Aid Kits for trip leaders (the study to include issues such as cost, number of kits and storage – where would the chapter keep these kits). The motion passed unanimously. John Wood and Armond Spencer agreed to look into the issue and report back.

5) Outings Report (Armond Spencer) It is highly desirable that there be no outings scheduled during trail workdays, to the extent that workdays are known ahead of time.

6) Conservation Report (Gene Kaczka) Gene gave contact names for the Racquette River Advisory Committee meetings, John Omohundro; the St. Regis Advisory Committee meetings, Rob Badger.

7) Education Report ( Eileen Wheeler) Eileen spoke on the DEC's Camp Colby sponsorship (of one or more youngsters – 12 to 14 yrs old )  by the Chapter. Youths will be chosen through an essay contest. Names of the sponsored are needed by February 14. It was moved (Eileen) and seconded (Sandy) that the Chapter sponsor up to two youths (for Camp Colby) for this year. The motion passed unanimously. Gene suggested that press releases are put out on the sponsored youths. Finally Ron asked Eileen to look into the possibility of including in our budget a 4-H sponsorship to Camp Overlook ; she will report to us on this.

8) Treasurer’s Report (Betsy Tisdale) Betsy wishes to thank John Wood, outgoing treasurer, for his patience and kindness in teaching her the new duties as chapter treasurer: “John’s work is clear, impeccable and extremely conscientious.“  He has also graciously agreed to answer  more of Betsy’s (many anticipated) future questions. We are looking forward to John’s coordinating the construction of the new memorial lean-to at Higley Flow State Park. Betsy reported that the current checkbook balance is $ 1,193.85;  the passbook balance is $ 4,075.88. There was also mention of $ 50 due the Chapter from Wear-on-Earth for advertising in the North Wind ( for January, February & March).

9) Membership (Mary Jo Whalen)  No report

10) Sales  All calendars are sold.

11) Publicity (Dick Mooers/David Brouwer) No report

12) Website/Newsletter (Sandy Hidreth) Sandy stated that Tom Ortmeyer is interested in taking over the Chapter’s newsletter; for the time being Sandy is happy to continue handling the Chapter’s website. The question of pursuing advertisers for the North Wind was discussed, meeting not much support. The question of introducing (free) classified ads in the North Wind (as a service to members) was also discussed. Perhaps ads limited to exchange of equipment might be considered as a first attempt at including ads in the newsletter.

13) Nominations (Kathie Batson) No report

14) Lean-to ( John Wood ) (a) The Beaver Pond Lean-to, Higley Flow State Park, Colton, NY: Construction is set to start in the Spring of 2005. Park will provide logs, rock piers and rough-cut lumber for the floor and lean-to roof. ADK will provide metal roofing materials, cement for fireplace, misc. items, and paying for a part time consultant. Completion of the lean-to construction is expected in the Fall of 2005. (b) Funds ($541) were donated to the Laurentian Chapter as a memorial to an ADK chapter member.

15) Bylaws (Ann Spencer ) Ron reported that Ann and Kathie Batson  are working on the bylaws and shall report later in the year.

16) Trails-Red Sandstone (John Omohundro) No report

Final Items  Sandy has the Chapter’s digital camera (somewhere in Saranac Lake); Eileen offered to “house” the camera, if Sandy does not want it. Ron passed out newsletters from other chapters.

Adjournment  The meeting was adjourned at about 8:45 pm. The next Executive Committee meeting will be held (at 7:00 pm) on February 10, 2005 at the Methodist Church, Potsdam, NY.

Vasily C. Cateforis, Secretary
March 23 , 2005 (final, approved version)

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