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Adirondack Mountain Club, Inc.
Laurentian Chapter
Executive Committee Meeting
November 10, 2005
Methodist Church, Potsdam, NY

Committee Members Present: Ron Johnson, Gene Kaczka, Betsy Tisdale, Eileen Wheeler, Armond Spencer

Others Present: John Barron, Betty Peckham, Tom Wheeler

The meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. Ron distributed the agenda. No items were added.

1) The minutes of the meeting of September 8, 2005 were approved with a mild change in wording.

2) The minutes of the Annual Meeting of November 7, 2005 were approved as distributed.

3) Chair’s Report

a) The Nominating Committee had come up with two suggestions as appointees for the one year term as Vice-Chair, Membership; Geri Ames and Nancy Labaff. Ron will forward this information to Tom Ortmeyer, incoming Chair.
b) John and Susan Omohundro were appointed as Newsletter Editors.
c) The revised Bylaws will be distributed to the new Executive Committee, and to
the Archivist Copies will be available from Ann Spencer for any member desiring one.
d) Eileen Wheeler and Carolyn Kaczka will be attending the North Country Round
Table on November 19.
e) The ADK Winter Mountaineering School has inquired about placing an ad in the newsletter’s It was decided that it would be left to the discretion of the editor to place an ad at no cost if space is available.
f) Ron noted that John Barron and Jim Bullard have volunteered to represent the Chapter at the December 3 Remington Gala. One of them will.

4) Treasurer’s Report

a) Betsy noted that we are in good financial shape.
b) RRAC has reimbursed us for the cost of the sign in boxes.
c) A motion by Gene to pay Bicknell’s $350 for material for Stone Valley Trail construction passed unanimously. It is anticipated that RRAC will reimburse the Chapter.
d) Betsy will be moving our postage account from the Canton post office to the Potsdam post office.
e) There was a brief discussion of the financial arrangement between the Chapter and Wear on Earth relative to the bear canisters.

5) Vice-Chair Education Report

a) Eileen reported on the status of Fall Outing.
b) She also indicated that she has written up summary of her activities for the incoming Education Vice-Chair.
c) Plans for Winter Indoors/Outdoors programs in coming along.

6) Vice Chair Outings Report

Armond noted that participation in outings this fall has been sporadic. He also noted, though, that he believes that we may have two new members whose introduction to the Chapter was on a hike this fall. He also noted that he has added the photo release statement to the Liability Form.

7) Vice-Chair Conservation Report

Gene commented on the development of a Stone Valley Management plan.

8) By consensus it was decided that potlucks would not be advertised as open to the public, but that members can and should bring guests. The program at a potluck will be advertised as open to the public.

9) Club president Tom Wheeler gave an overview of the Club’s financial health over the past few years. The financial picture has improved dramatically during that time.

10) A motion by Armond to donate $1000 to the club to be divided equally between Trails and Education passed unanimously.

11) The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30. The date and time of the next meeting was not decided.

Armond Spencer
Secretary Pro Tem

ADDENDUM: It should be noted that a motion by Gene to give Distinguished Volunteeer Awards to Eileen Wheeler and Sandy Hildreth passed unanimously in an e-mail vote sans Eileen and Sandy.

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